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Next week will be 🔥 with my guests. This one is for #ZumbaPeople and fitness instructors Join my guests and me LIVE on @instagram at 6:30pm from Monday to Thursday to learn and upgrade . . @zoemodgill will teach us mobility drills to make sure we don't get our aches and pains as instructors @giasaysthat on Tuesday to teach us how to look sassy and classy when we tweach our classes @1rohith gives us the best needed trick and tips for injury prevention and rehab @rachna_r will be joining us to teach us the basic of social media marketing for our classes. Stay tuned on my stories to know more about each of my special guests♥️

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Oh my! It cracks me up everytime...3 funniest things about being a new mom😆♥️ . . You are in a perpetual silent movie or a slowmo song, and getting a burp out of #lilK is the biggest achievement of my life till date. Nothing more in my life has required more talent and hardwork😭🙉 But the highlight ...that tiny butt. Love ya #lilK...don't ban me when you are big enough to read and understand this.🙏🥰😆 . . #motherhoodunplugged #suchetapal #mommystories #newmomsaga #funnyshit #literallyandfiguratively

02 Apr 2020

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Back with #SuchetaShares LIVE series and this time with celebrity #MomsWhoHustle Each of these inspirational women have such important messages to share this weekend which will not only leave you feeling empowered but also #badass like never before From parenting tips to pregnancy yoga flow, fit at 40 tips to healthy smoothies all will happen LIVE with my guests @mansi.zaveri @sonali_swami @chefchinuvaze and @lucyflow_yoga . . . For schedule of #InstaLIVE Swipe.➡️ Or check my stories . #suchetapal #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #momsofinstagram #indianmommyblogger #womenwholead #bosslady #growthmindset #evolvetogether

02 Apr 2020

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ZIN Vol 55 and yes that is me on One-on-One🙉 VOL⬆️ Shot for this Zumba DVD in Miami back in 2014, and as a new Zumba®️ Education Specialist this was a dream come true but it scared the 💩 out of me! . . I was too new ( just 2 years of being a ZES) and I was overwhelmed with the opportunity so much so that I literally was having panic attacks on the inside. . . Working with my brand home office for the first time, creating official #zumbachoreography and then flying 36 hours to shoot an entire volume in a different country with a full on production was too much to handle too soon. And then the realization of the responsibility that this Zumba DVD would be sent to licensed instructors across 185 countries was giving me sleepless nights. Was I good enough? Did I do enough? Would I be a failure? These questions haunted me. And you know the worst part. I hated myself for not enjoying the opportunity. (But you won't see any of that on my videos. Coz fake it till you make it;)) . . But looking back at this video today made me realise what a long way I have come in the process of #selfevolution. It's been tough, very tough to balance the sense of responsibility to give my best and then let go. Oh and also to simply stop taking myself so seriously🧘 To stop fretting over what people think or say ( thora bahot to rahega😆) and most importantly accepting the fact that I need to enjoy my opportunities with a sense of pride and accept failure with a sense of gratitude. Not easy, but not impossible either. I do sleep better at night now♥️

01 Apr 2020

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You voted "YES" so announcing not 1 but 2 #zumbavirtual classes this weekend with yours truly #ZumbawithSucheta 4th April @zumba online class for all age groups and 5th April my favourite @zumba kids for ages 7 - 11years....ooooyaaaaa♥️ . . Can't wait to give you guys a virtual hug. To book your spot call on the number provided on the creative or simply DM! #zumbavirtual #zumbafightscovid19 #weareinittogether #letskeepmoving #firstclasspostbaby #zumbambassador #suchetapal #zumbainindia #leadzes #zincommunity

31 Mar 2020

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#ShutupandKissme workout anyone? Get hold of your adorable baby and get down and dirty! (no pun intended 🤪) #csectionmama #3monthspostpartum #hustlewithsucheta . . My trainer had to cancel last moment but I was in the mood for a #sweatsesh and my #lilK♥️ was pretty supportive and may I say amused💪. And he didn't mind the slurpy kisses from mamma either🔥 (Thankyou daddy dearest on the other side of the camera...that wink is for you...khopche mein milna kabhi😆) . . #suchetapal #babyandmommy #workoutwithbaby #noexcuses #postpartumjourney #respectthemombod #indianmommybloger #workoutvideos #hustleandmotivate #postpregnancyworkout #mamababylove

31 Mar 2020

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Oh what fun with @sherryshroff on #SuchetaShares yesterday. So much learning and some Zumba too! ( Oh and ya this is 3 months post a c-sec and I did get a lil chubby ...yayyyy) Get ready for this weekend's #21min21days feat.some kick-ass women who are slayin' careers and motherhood like never before. Is it tough, is it easy. How do they do it all and for some tricks and tips stay tuned for the lineup from tomorrow.

30 Mar 2020

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"How to be a successful Youtuber" on #SuchetaShares LIVE at 6:30 pm today with India's celebrity Youtuber @sherryshroff It's a pleasure to host her on my #SuchetaShares #InstaLIVE series and who better than to learn the ropes of content creation. And oh by the way she will be trying some Zumba®️ moves with me for the very first time LIVE;) You cant miss this one #21mins21days Day 5 . . Side note: Need to get back to shorter hair😆 #youtuber #empoweringwomen #badasswomen #sherryshroff #suchetapal #knowledgeispower #growthmindset #learnmore #livemore

29 Mar 2020

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#HomeWorkout with @zumba #zumbavirtual If you are getting bored or anxious at home and need that happy dose of dance + fitness then go take an online class with a licensed @zumba instructor (@zincommunity in India) I attended a few classes today of instructors from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kerala and Delhi and it was 💃♥️ ( so proud of my #zumbabies) . How?⤵️ . . 1️⃣Visit 2️⃣Click on "Find an instructor" or "Find a class" and put in your location 3️⃣You will find a list of classes with contact information of the licensed instructors near you 4️⃣Call the licensed instructor and enroll for their #zumbavirtual class 5️⃣Get ready for the best time of your life🔥 And when this is all over, I promise you will be addicted to this #happyworkout forever! . . And all those asking about the online instructor training program please feel free to DM for details. #zumbavirtual #fightcovidwithzumba @zumba @albertoperlman @zumbabeto @jacobsondarren @zincommunity #zumbainstructor #zumbainindia

28 Mar 2020

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This weekend is 🔥 #21mins21days My next guests for #SuchetaShares LIVE is health and fitness coach @mariabrowningofficial all the way from Miami sharing her Detox Alkalinity and FitKizomba on Saturday and Indian celebrity Youtuber @sherryshroff who requires no introduction teaching us "How to be successful on @youtubeindia" on Sunday! Today's #chakrahealing with @manishpole was ☮️🙏 Thankyou for all who joined in! See you this weekend to learn more, grow more and evolve more. . . #livingmybestlife #eternallife #positivevibes #learner #empoweringwomen #suchetshares #evolve #growthmindset #youtubechannel #influencer #weekendvibes #nutritioncoach #alkalinediet #mariabrowning #sherryshroff #manishpole

27 Mar 2020

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Three months of motherhood and ohh happy 3months #lilk♥️ . . Motherhood in three lines⤵️ Worn the same dress three days in a row Given underwear the "sniff test" 😆😆 #dontjudge Wiping a tiny butt is the highlight of my day And ohh.... Getting a burp out of #lilk♥️ is the biggest accomplishment of my life till date. Period! (No one warns you about all this #burpingbusiness) . . But I wouldn't change a thing....maybe just more sleep🙉 📷@anamikasinghphotography this is my favourite . . #motherhoodthroughinstagram #3monthsold #newbornphotography #mommysboy #motherhustler #babyboy #momsofinstagram #mombloggersofig #mommyhood #momentsofmine #suchetapal

27 Mar 2020

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#21mins21days Back today with another #SuchetaShares @instagram LIVE at 6:30 pm with one of India's top fitness experts @nidhimohankamal and also a dear friend♥️ . . Join us today as we speak about everything from " How to become a Vegan" to "Busting Exercise myths during and after pregnancy" and maybe we break into some #ZumbaMoves too. . . I am excited to learn together with all my #instafam today🔥If you know anyone who wishes to grow and evolve together then do share the above . . #growthmindset #lockdownindia #strongerandbetter #suchetapal #growth #evolve #InstaLIVE #fitnessmotivation #fitnessexperts #vegan #goingvegan #myths #pregnancyandexercise #postpartumfitness

26 Mar 2020

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#SuchetaShares♥️ It's #21mins21days of LIVE sessions with yours truly and my guest experts so that we learn together, grow together and evolve together and come out solid strong. Get ready for amazing LIVE learning sessions with my friends and guest experts from the fields of fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, mental wellness, parenting and the list is long👌#hustlehard . . You know by now that I am a true believer of "The Hustle" and this hustle becomes even sweeter when we share. So bringing together #HustlewithSucheta and #SuchetaShares for you during #21daysoflockdown. Are you ready to do this together? What would you like to learn together? . . The first LIVE with @ryan_nutrition_coach is online for next 24hours. Everything you need to know about immunity boosting food.

25 Mar 2020

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Let's suck it up! 21 days lockdown we will survive, many won't😷 Its a privilege to have the choice of social distancing. So dont be a covidiot 🙏 . Instead let's come out of this #21daylockdown "solid strong" Let's work on growth and self-development... together. I am not going to let these 21 days go in vain and hope you won't either. Starting something new from tomorrow and hoping you will join me. 21 mins for 21 days. Stay tuned! . #COVID19 #indialockdown #21days #dontbeacovidiot

24 Mar 2020

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You asked and I answered🙏 From pregnancy to child birth and finally now as a new mom has been an "adventure"🔥 I truly believe in empowering my women folk through knowledge sharing and have been doing my bit by sharing these adventure stories via #SuchetaShares posts and IGTV videos (hope they have been helpful till now) . . I did an AMA yesterday and its on my stories today for the next 24 hours and more coming up throughout this week as part of my #SuchetaShares IGTV series👌 #RawandReal Coming soonish⤵️ The funniest things about being a new mom/parent? What are best baby care products ? Breast feeding or formula feeding? C section myths busted ? How to lose post pregnancy weight? What else do you wish to know from me let me know in comments below. Side note: Arent these baby feet the cutest #obsessedmommy More amazing captures soon 📷 @anamikasinghphotography . . #preggolife #childbirtheducation #newbornphotography #newmomlife #suchetapal #knowyourbody #knowledgeispower #empoweringwomen #supporteachother

24 Mar 2020