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5 years ago this day I quit my finance « dream » career path, packed my bags in Tahiti, used all my miles to purchase a one way ticket to fly to Australia. Without a clue of what I was gonna do with my life. It stressed me out, a little. It stressed my parents out, probably (haha) but somehow I knew this was the right choice for me -not necessarily going to Aus but I knew I had to quit everything and be unknown for everyone to find myself and what I really valued in life. I finally felt like I was living for a living. Im always remembering this lesson as anytime I feel like I’m blocked in my path goals or purpose, the answer for me lies in letting go and finding isolation and introspection.. today i have found my purpose in life but there are still days where I’m lost in what projects I want to focus my energy in and Its a little ironic / difficult to find gathering & calm since both of my jobs & passion relies in talking to lots and lots of people daily... but I’m tryin to find a good balance 🙃 Merci @zoastoreofficial pour la photo 🥰 . #mondaymotivation #yoga #dailyyoga #parisyoga #yogateacher #yogainspiration #yogaasana #hollowback #yogapose #backbending #veganlifestyle #fitfrenchies #yogaphotography

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Lemon coconut overoats perfect to start of the week!!! 🍋🥥 Happy Monday everyone ☀️ #veganbreakfast #oatmeallove #plantoverprocessed #plantbasedgang #veganuary recipe : ‘eat more plants’ ebook I got in the vegan bundle 🌿

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Sunday night vibes in ma Parisian apartment 🌴🌺💃🏼 .. always hesitate sharing my Tahitian dance with u not because I know some may not vibe with it but cos tbh I always get really creepy DMs and emails after which scare the heck out of me 🙅🏽‍♀️but also want to share more personal in 2020 so I don’t know 😅 dancing is one of those thing I do without any strive for bettering or aesthetism.. I just feel the music and Let all out so let me dance in peace ✌🏽 #islandchild #oritahiti #tahitiandance #dancemonkeydance song : umanmusic dance monkey

26 Jan 2020

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Roasted pears 🍐🙌🏼🤤 right ?! What’s your fav winter fruit !!? Oh and that is a golden oatmeal includes sweet potato 🤯 from @vanelja ebook dreamy season that I got in The Vegan Bundle!! I’ve been so inspired by new recipes I can’t wait to share a bit more next week as I’m finally back into the swing of things !! Would you like me to share my fav recipe ebooks now that I got time to kinda settle and read more? ! Ps: thanks for your sweet messages regarding my stories / health concerns or yoga teaching adventures ! You’re always so supportive it means the world ♥️ Pps: still have my @coconutbowls discount is AMELIE10 🥰🤗 . #veganbowl #veganbreakfast #eatwiththeseason #goldenoatmeal #healthyvegan #veganuary #eatmoreplants #plantbasedgang #plantoverprocessed

26 Jan 2020

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I don’t have tinder 🤷🏼‍♀️but been loving this trend! 😂🤩🤗 Show me urs !! #dollypartonmemechallenge

24 Jan 2020

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🌳👁👣i know this falls out of what u want me to share, but this was the most surreal & mystical alley I’ve seen 🤩🔮 the photos don’t even do it justice! so glad I was on this trip with my whole fam ♥️ ps: uploading more photos to my blog I’ll tell u when it’s up 🥰 #newCaledonia #beatree #treepose #mothernature #nouvellecaledonie #pacificvibes #islandgirl

23 Jan 2020

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🐠Just got back from NC & wow it was much much much needed 🙏🏼✨ the only regret I have is i booked way too short 😭! The last holiday I had was in September so it wasn’t too long but actually December and start of Jan have been so hectic and exhausting that I almost burnout from content creation and teaching yoga and travelling in Paris by bike or foot everywhere cause no transport. Those 10 days I spent time with my family, in the sun and ocean and away from my phone. Doing simple things I never take time to! Experimented new recipes from TVB for the sake of tryin new things and not for creating to share here (which sometimes puts pressure on myself lol). It was perfecto! Can’t wait to share more photos with you! Sorry for not posting tons but I’m sure u understand 😊✨🐡 I missed you tho! How have u been ? Photo @mymillefiu #newcaledonia #holidays #disconnecttoreconnect #mindfulliving

21 Jan 2020

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🤪Made those choc goodies 100% wholesome 🌱🍪✨ from Sweet Vegan Desserts ebook by @tessbegg that I got in my lovely vegan bundle and pimped the filling with a lemon 🍋 cashew coconut 🥥 ! You know what I love about getting all those new recipes is they’ve totally reinspire me to try new things! For those who got the VB did you try anything so far ?! A few more days of holidays for me until I’m back home totally resting now 🥰 #veganbake #vegancookie #chocolate #healthytreat #healthychoc #plantbased #plantoverprocessed #healthyeating #healthydessert #theveganbundle #veganpims #veganfrance

16 Jan 2020

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Out of the office🙌🏼& reconnecting to my fav ocean 🥥🐠🌴☀️🌏🌺. It’s part of the healthy livin 💕 #pacific

13 Jan 2020

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LAST CHANCE🤩🥳 to grab the Vegan Bundle 🌱🐮✨if you’re willing to eat more plants, start yoga classes, a new workout program, need guidance on weight loss, muscle gain, meal prep, reduce bloating, get a glowy skin with natural product, overcome emotional eating, rebalance your hormonal or just become healthier ... Don’t think twice !!!! My 2 ebooks are in there and I would never risk losing my credibility and the trust you have in me (thank u) to sell u a product that isn’t worth it. ⚠️This is the thing I’ve never promoted as much because I’ve never been as convinced and excited about! This bundle has been created FOR you 💕!!! Don’t want any one to message me saying they regret the time is up!!! 🙌🏼✨ stop postponing it & invest 50$ now in ur present and future wellbeing 🙏🏼 Don’t miss the best self gift 🎁 of 2020 ! GO GO GO it’s gone in 10 hours now !!!! Link in bio or #veganuary #veganlifestyle #healthytips #healthylifestyle #paradise #beachgirl #livehealthy #eatmoreplants #bestvegan #vegantips #bestdecisionof2020

09 Jan 2020

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THIS Quote 🙌🏼«Imagine where you’d be now if you started on the day u said “I’ll do it later”» Don’t know about you, but this quote always made me realize how much of a procrastinator I can be BUT MOSTLY ALWAYS gave me that extra push & productivity in that day! 👉🏼You know what’s the hardest part about starting new habits: It’s to start 😅. I know it’s overwhelming & unatural! It’s been like this when I updated my ebook & dreaded to “dive” back into personal stuff i wrote, it’s been like this when I wanted to learn a new skill about being self employed, it’s been like this about diving into what could help me solve my fatigue issues and acne. 🥺It’s scared the 💩 out of me.🥺 Once I start a new routine or habit, however, don’t get me wrong, there are these days that feel hard 😟 but those days are ok to feel & those days are the ones I’m the most grateful 🙏🏼 for myself making the biggest effort/first steps/investment prior because I know I’m taken care of & have everything I need to succeed in my goals or improve the situation and that I’m where I’m supposed to be - it’s such a relief🙌🏼. So no matter what your goals are (actually! Tell me below! What’s one thing u keep postponing) I hope this quote has the same effect on you ✨🥰. 👋🏼A BiG REMINDER that this is actually the very LAST CHANCE (last day) to grab The Vegan Bundle - full of 60 ebooks to inspire u being & getting healthier, making the step to eat more plant based 🌱🌏🐮, learn about tons of fascinating topics about health from professionals, wellbeing or maybe start hitting the gym with programs or finally a yoga practice🧘🏽‍♀️ for only 50$ - never ever gonna happen again! Don’t be full of regrets and actually now is the time to apply this quote 😉 your future self will be so thankful. Link or link in my bio!✨#selfcare #selflove #yogapractice #productivitytip #yogapose #yogaparis

09 Jan 2020

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BOMB Winter Smoothie 🍫👅❄️ are u ready?! Teased you the other day with this one 🙈 all of ur guesses about what’s so special were so good! But wrong 😂 What’s so special is this is a WARM smoothie. Like what 🤯?! Didn’t ever thought about warming up my smoothies so it actually tastes bomb! I got this idea from the eboook Dreamy Season a must from the vegan bundle in my opinion!(btw only 2 days left for the 50$ offer DONT wait longer!!) @vanelja the author has always inspired me (since 2015!) because I find her recipes so different from every other smoothies & vegan budha bowls we see. Unless today I didn’t have : frozen cranberries so I took cherries 🍒, enough hemp seeds so I added more cashews and more bananas. This was so delicious and totally healthy and nourishing ✨ Im often asked HOW I get inspiration to create recipes .. various ways, sometimes it’s just letting myself create from what I have, sometimes it’s a restaurant or specialty dish, sometimes it’s a family recipe I make vegan, and sometimes it’s other cooks and bloggers cookbooks and recipes that spark my creativity ! 👉🏼I know how to cook yet I still get so inspired by ideas from others and it’s totally helpful when u get a bit stuck!! I was so so excited to get her ebook from the bundle it’s the first I’ve downloaded and I made 6 recipes ! Other cookbooks I have loved and tried from the bundle & prob you will love too : sweet vegans @tessbegg easy vegan @fivesechealth eat more plants @zannavandijk freedom food (1&2) @kateflowers ! Let me know if u try anything and once again bundle link is in my bio @amelietahiti✨🙏🏼 #chocolatesmoothie #layersmoothie #warmsmoothie #bestofvegan #veganvideo #whatveganseat #healthybreakfast #veganbreakfast #vegansmoothie #eatmoreplants #plantbased #plantbasedrecipe #plantbasedgang #plantoverprocessed #veganfrance #wintervegan #wintersmoothie #healthyeating #wholefoodrecipe #chocolateaddict #healthytips #cookingtips #vitamixfrance

07 Jan 2020

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Here are 5 THINGS I learnt in 2020 🤗 (yep last week)! As u guess they all come from TheVeganBundle but regardless, i wanted to share what I’ve discovered! 1. BLOATING is NOT always caused by what u eat or don’t. We bloat + when we eat in front of screens or fast, because our body is simply not prepared to start the digestion (required enzyme are released with saliva, taste, cooking food etc) so then u just shove down a full meal & he’s like WTF. Best analogy I find is going to the gym starting w/ the toughest exercise without warm up.. injuries chance increase so much! Source: Rebalance Protocol p12- 2. SUPERSETS 🏋🏼‍♀️aren’t just performing 2 exercises back to back. It is when the 2 exercises are targeting opposite muscle groups! If it’s the same it’s called a compound set! Did you know that?! I’ve been using this word wrong for so long! Source: The Sculpt Guide 12 week program p24- 3. BINAURAL SOUNDS. Have BLOWN my mind🙀Basically listening to 2 different frequencies from one ear to another meaning ur brain needs to adapt & perceive a 3rd one 🧠 Depending on the Hertz scale it improves things like deep sleep, memory, anti agin, pain relief etc. I tried it today to boost me as I am super tired & it was BOMB! Sound Playlist on youtube/spotify etc! Source: Switch to Natural Beauty p60 4. I shared this one yesterday in a full post with + details emotional eating must be treated by adressing your own thinking patterns - Source: Overcome Emotional eating 5. Seed CYCLING is a thing! can’t wait to implement this! Eating specific seeds in specific quantities (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame & flax) at specific time of ur menstrual cycle can rebalance ur hormones/help heal PCOS/get regular period. There’s tons of more details on this I can’t really reveal too much but I found this SO interesting! Source: Eat w the moon p85 Did u know them ? I lied, learnt more than this but have no more space 😅gonna add 5 more to my story tomorrow so make sure to check✨! Those 5 ebooks are worth a total of 161.90$ but with the bundle, I only paid 50$, this is just 5 of the 60! I haven’t even had time to read all! Imagine how much more we can learn from this! 😍link in bio!!!

07 Jan 2020

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EMOTIONAL EATING tip✨👇🏼 tag that friend who needs to hear about this ♥️ they’ll thank you! To bring you context: I really wasn’t affect by this up until last year when I got extra extra anxious, my case is rather mild but I do notice that my emotions dictate my eating choices . And hey we are not talking AT all about that one time you really crave a big fat burrito or mega sweet dessert.. those are normal, let urself live! Emotional eating is finding comfort in food (doesn’t have a relation to your physical aspect of punishing ur body because then we’re into other type of ED). Anyways that’s the context.. so I’m super glad to have found the info I’m about to spill with you. Are you ready?! You are NOT responsible for your emotional eating. I repeat. And repeat it too. You aren’t responsible for it. EE is happening because of psychological beliefs and thinking patterns (built over time) that are now what ur brain think is normal. What does that mean ?! That means that you can’t overcome this issue with just brushing it off and sayin “do better amelie.. come on force urself not to eat”. No. You need to dive into ur brain 🧠 (scary but plot twist soon) and Unbreak those unconscious rules. Many ways you could do that, I heard hypnosis sessions do great, 1-1 psychologist.. but they are about 100$ and u need around 5-6.. so it’s a lot of cash. Which is why I wanted to share that in the vegan ebook bundle, the “overcome emotional eating” workbook is made to get rid of this burden for good. Its not tips. It’s a workbook with step by step to break it for good. It’s been written by psychologist @healthyandpsyched please go follow her because she’s amazing 💕 and I cannot wait to set some me time to do the work. Thank you Rach for ur amazing work- .. this ebook is part of the vegan bundle on sale for 50$ valued (1300$ - can u see the quality of info you’ll get ?! Not convinced? Check my highlight!) & thank u so so much if u buy it thru my link (bio)ibecause it helps me way way more than u could ever imagine- btw if u have feedback share it below! ✨🙏🏼 hope all that helps check my story later to see more incredible things I have learned & already applied to my life!

06 Jan 2020

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Current breaky 🙌🏼🍫🥛I’ve been mindblown🤯by this recipe, there’s something so different about it than any other smoothies, can you guess what it is ?! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼🤔 I’ll share the video recipe later with you! A tip I can tell u is that 1. It’s from @vanelja s ebook Dreamy season (so if u have the bundle u know what I say!) and she’s not joking with taste ok!! I’ve made already 5 of her recipes they have all blown my mind. And second cue 2. This is a perfect winter ❄️ smoothie (And I had it 3 times already cause it’s so healthy and nourishing - not the chocolate square all the time)! Go tell me your guesses !!!! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #healthysmoothie #veganrecipe #winterecipe #healthyvegan #veganfoodporn #chocolatelover #bestofchocolate #smoothielove #chocolatesmoothie #healthyfood #plantoverprocessed #veganfrance #whatveganseat #plantbased #veganuary #plantbasedgang

05 Jan 2020

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From left to right : me now, me at the start of my yoga journey, me when i wasn’t doing yoga at all but was active, me and my sister doing a little show for our parents HAHA 😂 (that was maybe 11 years ago?) Believe it or not, backbends & I, especially wheel pose, it’s a TOUGH 🥴💔story. I used to like it when I was a kid, and eventhough I’ve always been ‘able to do it’ my whole life, later it was SO hurtful 😫, never feeling right. It felt SO uncomfortable like my bones were about to break, this due to of course the lack of mobility movement of my spine, but also when I fell in Portugal (more about that glorious story time in my ebook 🤭😬). Then considering I got herniated disks… Yea, my back and I .. in general. It’s a tough love 😪. It wasn’t until maybe 4 months of my consistent yoga practice that wheel felt OK again (like I wasn’t clenching my teeth and praying to get down to the floor). I don’t really know where I’m going with this story, but I wanted to share it with you, because I know that now it looks like it’s «easy» for me.. But it really took me so much time, and even today some days I don’t like wheel. So don’t give up and don’t be afraid to start because you aren’t already where you want to be! Me ? Give me a scorpion, a hollow back, a anahatasana, updog, but Wheel… There’s something about this pose urgh. Any yogi relate ? I know lots of you wanted to start yoga and didn’t really know how or couldn’t afford yoga in studio, so remember that with the purchase of The Vegan Bundle - 60 ebooks for 50$, you also get 3 months membership to online yoga classes (that means you’re sorted till April!) Photo: @zoastoreofficial #yogaparis #yogadaily #yogastory #backbendprogress #yogaprogress #beforeafter #yogainspiration #backbends #wheelpose #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #yogafrance #parisyoga #thisisollie #letsstartyoga #yogasana #aloyoga #veganfrance #fitnessfrance #paris2024

03 Jan 2020

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🍫🥜OMG they were so good & now they’re gone 😭(in my tum!). I made these for Christmas🎄& stored them in the freezer they lasted a week 😅🙌🏼. Does that mean we are ready for a little cleanse / detox and lighter meals ?! 😅 my belly thinks so!! I prepped an upcoming YouTube video to help u tacle that ! Those are the salted caramel macademia & rosemary treats from @elsas_wholesomelife first ebook (included in the bundle - link in bio!) that i had wanted to get my hands on forever and oulala, they did NOT disappoint .. her ebook is a must! I can only recommend recipes that are balanced and include fats. So many times we see vegan recipes that are stripped off fats (don’t get me wrong, too much fat isn’t good and for some cases it’s also nice to hold back - talking more about that in my detox video) but if there is ONE macro to be extra careful about its fat (lipids). Too much of it and you’ll get sick and overworked leading to over working glands. Too little of it and you risk hormonal imbalance, losing your period, bad skin, poor digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Do NOT go vegan without adequate information and education. Please! I’ve got your health covered this week!! Best ebooks of the bundle that go over nutrition in a positive wholesome balanced way - reviewed by nutritionists, dietician and scientists : mine 😇, the Wholesome Life, Eat with the Moon @francescaeatsroses (sounds woowoo it’s very factual), Follow your Gut by @holisticlemon is AMAZING 🤩 Eat more Plants by @zannavandijk in all her recipes she mentions a good tip 👍🏼. If you purchased the bundle let me know your thoughts below and share ur excitement with others ! Would you like me to share a little list of ebooks to check out for specific topics ?! I totally get 60 ebooks is SO overwhelming but only reading 3 or 4 that interest you you are set for success and save money! More questions about the bundle or nutrition ?! Ask me below! . #veganfood #veganrecipe #plantbasedrecipe #plantbasedmeal #chocolatelover #healthydetox #healthyvegan #vegannutrition #plantoverprocessed #plantbasedgang #veganfrance #veganinspiration #veggierecipe #vegandessert

02 Jan 2020

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Finally can tell you about this Secret Project! We (influencers, dieticians, trainers..) are many to want to encourage you to eat more plants and make better health and ethical choices but, also aware we all have different needs & lifestyles and struggles. Which is why, for the first week of 2020 and to help you KICK start your health, we are GATHERED our forces, and GATHERED our 60 ebooks to offer you a SUPER VEGAN BUNDLE with It’s a MEGA STEAL and you’re the thief 😎 YOU WILL GET: * 60 ebooks around vegan lifestyle (recipes, meal plan, cosmetics, workout programs, pregnancies, rebalance hormones, heal gut issues etc) * Them all for 50$ (44€) instead of the value of everything (1324$ !!!) * Better value even if you were to purchase 2 or 3 separately. * All the TOOLS you need to kick start a healthy plant based journey!! * Suitable information (get the 60 ebooks and read whatever ones apply to you)! * A full year to download them all (and then keep them for life) * The best investment of 2020 in your health, by far. * A bonus 3 months UNLIMITED access to YOGA Classes on ThePractice online @mind_body_bowl 
YOU WON’T GET : * Any regrets (I bought it myself ok) * Another excuse to eat junk because you don't know how to cook. * Unhealthy & sick with your vegan lifestyle or plant-based meals. * ANOTHER Chance : this launches TODAY and ENDS the 9th of January. Only one week for your robery !  CHECK LINK IN MY BIO to see what ebooks are included I AM SO SO SO excited (obviously if my video wasn’t enough excitement already). Drop your Q below and enjoy! Teamed up with @tessbegg @fivesechealth @elsas_wholesomelife @parisbyvegan @debiflue @thekateflowers @samibloom @carolinedeisler @lonijane and so many more! #veganparadise #veganbundle #veganlifestyle #vegantips #plantbasedgang #eatmoreplants #healthyvegan #healthylifestyle #2020healthy #2020resolution #healthytips #veganebooks #veganrecipes #plantbasedrecipes #veganfrance #vegan #bestofvegan

01 Jan 2020

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GOOD-BYE 2019 ! 👋🏼🥂 see y a on the new year & be safe tonight !!!!! #2019NYE

31 Dec 2019

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Who’s gonna eat more plants 🌱in 2020?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ if ure not sure how, save the date! January 1st secret vegan project out (May come earlier to my YouTube subscribers 🤫) additionally to that, I am currently working on January content and videos and im pretty excited for what’s to come ! Health & fresh starts 101 ! Yaaaa ✨✨✨ _ #veganfood #veganlunch #vegansalad #eatmoreplants #vegantips #howtobevegan #howtovegan #plantbaseddiet #veganfrance #plantbasedgang

28 Dec 2019