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Artist Spotlight: @merch_merchy ——— Graffiti is an art of many mediums. Some of the more obvious ones are spray paint, acrylic markers, stickers, and house paint. On the other hand, the lesser-known tools of the trade include some of the most permanent mediums, such as etch bath and scribing. In this picture @merchymerch has used etch bath to burn/inscribe his name onto a class window. This is done by filling up an empty marker with etch bath (a substance made for frosting glass). It becomes permanent within minutes. One of the most effective tools when used properly, this substance can be very harmful if it comes into contact with one’s skin/eyes. Use of this medium speaks to Merch’s dedication and commitment to the craft. #merch #merchgraffiti #artistspotlight #awb #graffiti #streetart #etchbath #urbanexploration #urbanexplorer #graffitiart #graff

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Untitled Artist: Mike Giant Handle: @ogmikegiant Year: 2015 Medium: Marker on parchment paper Dimensions: 8” x 11” AWB Collection ——— #awb #mikegiantart #mikegiant #ogmikegiant #graffiti #streetart #graffitilegends #collection #art

17 Jan 2020

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Artist Spotlight, continued: Shepard Fairey/Obey ( @obeygiant ) ——— From a couple of months ago: Shepard Fairey and his team working on a massive mural in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This one - set up with the help of @brandedarts - turned out truly amazing, with Fairey once again using iconic images to speak up against injustice and inspire change. #obey #obeygiant #shepardfairey #murals #wallmural #shepardfaireyart #artistspotlight #streetart #losangeles #dtla #legend

17 Jan 2020

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Artist Spotlight: Shepard Fairey/Obey ( @obeygiant ) ——— Growing up as a street artist in Los Angeles, Fairey understood the importance of branding and creating a campaign that is immediately recognizable. Using minimalistic portraits of artists, philanthropists, politicians, and other iconic figures, he reached a vast majority of people, from those who have seen his work on the front of abandoned billboards to those who have seen that same work in galleries in all over the world. He primarily uses stickers and wheat pastes as a medium for sharing his vision and values, merging pop art and street art to confront viewers with extensions of their own culture. While he originally became famous for his Andre the Giant wheat pastes, he quickly gained worldwide notoriety for making the popular Barack Obama campaign logo, which was used to represent the president during his 2008 run for office. Fairey has continued to grow his reach exponentially - he currently holds gallery shows selling his mixed-media pieces for upwards of $50,000. In addition to his gallery work, he paints large-scale murals, reaching the size of entire walls. He continues to grow and grow as an artist, both inside and outside of the gallery. This is a true example of how pre-fame work ethic and dedication set a foundation for great success. #awb #artistspotlight #artwithoutboundaries #obey #obeygiant #shepardfairey #streetart #streetartlegend #art #obeyart #murals #wallmural #wheatpaste #stickers

15 Jan 2020

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Untitled Artist: Iz The Wiz (1958-2009) Handle: @izthewiztmb Year: 1983 Medium: Pen and colored ink on paper Dimensions: 6” x 9” AWB Collection ——— #awb #izthewiz #izthewiztmb #izthewizrip #izthewizforever #graffiti #streetart #graffitilegends #collection #art

10 Jan 2020

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For our first artist spotlight of the year, we want to highlight @swoonhq . Swoon is a street artist who started wheat pasting while she was working towards her B.A. in Fine Arts from Pratt institute in Brooklyn. At the time, she wanted to remain anonymous, rarely ever signing her name to pieces done on the street. As she progressed in the street art world and gained more notoriety, her pieces grew and grew in size as well. Swoon utilizes wheat pastes to spread her hand-designed portraits through the streets, emphasizing the geometries of urban and natural life, and imparting a message of female empowerment. Go check out her show at @jeffreydeitchgallery in New York. We are excited to see where this artist goes in the future. #swoon #brooklyn #newyork #streetart #wheatpaste #wheatpastenyc #wheatpasteart #wheatpasting #streetartist #streetartnewyork #artistspotlight #awb

08 Jan 2020

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Happy New Year! In addition to our forthcoming projects, this year we will be using our posts here to bring recognition to some of our favorite artists. On Wednesdays, we will feature photography of street art we find during our own explorations, as well as from photographers who are prominent in the community. On Fridays, we will be showing you pieces from our collection that exemplify the intersection between street art and fine art. In all of this, we seek to bring attention to artists whose unrelenting work in the streets demonstrates true passion and has laid a foundation for their continued success. We look forward to continuing to uplift street art and aiding artists everywhere in 2020. Thank you for your support! #artwithoutboundaries #2020 #awb #streetart #graffiti #newyear #losangeles #newyork #berlin #spain #france #graffitiart #graff #graffitiartist #streetartist #streetartists #streetartphoto #graffitiphotography #collection #art #nonprofit #arts #nonprofitorganization

06 Jan 2020

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If you want to talk about who is the best duo in graffiti, this pair of writers has to be up at the top. Though there is very little known about PK and Kid, they have managed to make a big name for themselves, painting some of the craziest spots in New York and New Jersey. Not only have they reached some of the most challenging spots in New Jersey history, they also took their names and plastered them all over New York, adding to their reputation as artists who would paint the most highly-trafficked and visible spots off the interstate. To this day, there is still very little known about these two legends. #art #graffiti #streetart #graffitilegends #graffitispots #awb #artwithoutboundaries #nonprofitorganization #artist #graffitiart #realart #talent #create #newyork #newjersey #newyorkgraffiti #newjerseygraffiti

27 Dec 2019

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Here, we have a collaboration by two of the leading street artists that came out of New York. The dark figure, known as a shadowman, is a piece from Richard Hambleton, labeled as one of the first street artists ever. The collaboration is found in the face, drawn by Jean-Michel Basquiat, who was known for his Neo-expressionist style of painting, as well as for being arguably the first commercially-successful graffiti artist in the 80’s. His work is still setting records at auction to this day. It’s amazing to see a collaboration from these two greats on a street in NYC in the early 80's. #graffiti #streetart #jeanmichelbasquiat #richardhambleton #shadowman #newyork #newyorkgraffiti

20 Dec 2019

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Our team is working on a very special production, with an artist who uses ecstasy as his main medium. This is an approach we didn’t know existed until we met Chemical X . An artist from the UK who remains anonymous to the public, @chemical_x_lab has worked with the likes of Banksy, Schoony, and a number of other highly-esteemed artists. Exploring the process of how his work is made was a very interesting experience. Each pill is hand-pressed by the artist himself in a undisclosed lab; afterwards, he utilizes these pills to create magnificent designs based around the culture of ecstasy and raves. These two concepts go hand-in-hand, as he feels the energy and positivity that you experience at a rave can be replicated through a visual narrative. His art reflects rave culture in a nuanced manner, showing the beauty and - at times - the gamble one may take when using drugs at a rave. As much as the pills and music can be blissful, they can also be dangerous; one can take a pill and feel as free as a bird, but one may also risk taking something unexpected and having a horrible, even deadly, experience. Chemical X uses both these aspects as focal points in his work, creating ironic images that represent the dual sides of rave culture. By actually including an illegal substance in the work, he confronts us more directly with the conflicts he is addressing, making us question ourselves and wonder if this medium is dangerous or a benign pathway to a blissful experience. #chemicalx #artisthighlight #sculpture #sculptureart #streetart #drugs #rave #raveculture #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart

13 Dec 2019

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The culture lost some real ones this week. An originator and a torchbearer. Two artists from separate generations who both embodied the spirit of graffiti and inspired us with their style, character, and dedication. Don’t forget the lessons these two taught us. And keep in mind: it’s important to honor our mentors and ancestors while they still exist with us here. Life is too short to wait until it’s over to celebrate the greats. Let’s lift up our cultural icons right now. #phase2 #zexor #zexorforever #graffitilegends #phase2graffitigodfather #phase2forever #graffiti

13 Dec 2019

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More of the amazing art we find on every street in Los Angeles. You can hardly turn a corner here without seeing something beautiful and new. These pieces found on Sunset in Echo Park. #losangeles #welovestreetart #streetartlovers #instastreetart #streetartglobe

06 Dec 2019

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Just another day driving through the city; it’s always amazing how much art is on every block. These pieces sit right off of Jefferson on St. Andrews. #urbanexploration #streetart #graffiti #losangeles #losangelesart #graffitila #urbanexploring

29 Nov 2019

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You might remember this man from a picture earlier in our feed. Taking a break from exploring during a very busy day at @beyondthestreetsart. Piece by @andresaraiva #streetart #beyondthestreets #beyondthestreetsart #beyondthestreetsLA #urbanexploration

22 Nov 2019

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“Go big or go home.” _____ A piece that perfectly fits this phrase. The combination of Augor’s unique style and the insanely crazy spots he hit left this artist at the top of Los Angeles writers. If you keep your eyes open, there’s inspiration all around. #augor #graffiti #losangeles #artwithoutboundaries #grafflife #graff

15 Nov 2019

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We want to show the world the local graffiti writers doing incredible work painting their cities. They are everywhere, and we know many more young writers are coming up. Support your local artists! (Pictured here: HOPES) #graffiti #graffitiart #streetart #grafflife #losangeles #lagraffiti

08 Nov 2019

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One of our favorite finds. Konqr piece inside an abandoned building in Louisville, KY. This incredible younger painter travels the world, not just painting walls like he used to, but trains and commuters, as well. #louisville #kentucky #graffiti #graff #konqr #urbanexploration #urbanexplorer #art #artwithoutboundaries

01 Nov 2019

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Topanga, California. A gem from one of our abandoned house trips. _____ #z67r #b52r #urbanexploration #urbanex #graffiti #graff #lagraffiti #losangelesgraffiti #losangeles #photooftheday #topanga #cultcrew

25 Oct 2019

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This steel sculpture, sitting in the Santa Monica police station, was a welcome respite to the line for overpriced parking 😅 _____ What really defines street art? This is art in the street, but in a gallery setting it would be labeled as something totally different. Regardless of its label, art speaks for itself. Artist unknown.

18 Oct 2019

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Acrylic paint on plaster casting. Piece by John Ahearn, known for the public art he made in the South Bronx in the 1980’s. _____ The placement of a piece of art is just as essential to its impact as the piece itself. When putting countless hours into a work of art, an artist doesn’t want to see it gone the next day, even if it is in an illegal spot. Sometimes, the context lends a larger meaning, though; here, the longevity of this bust in this location speaks to the permanence of street art as cultural landmark. #johnahearn #newyork #streetart #bronx #sculpture #artwithoutboundaries #spraypaint #legacy #artandfound

11 Oct 2019