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We’re with you, New York. Our Tapestry family, through the Coach Foundation, is supporting our hometown by committing $2 million to New York City’s Small Business Continuity Fund—an initiative that will support small businesses through this challenging time. #OurTapestry #CoachNY

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We’ll see you soon, Coachies. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to keep our stores in the United States, Canada and Europe closed until at least April 10—we will reassess our position on a bi-weekly basis going forward. Please take care of yourself and others. ❤️ Our stores may be closed, but we’re still here for you on our social channels, and don’t forget we’re open 24/7 at—with free shipping and returns. Click the link in our bio for more details. #CoachNY

26 Mar 2020

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Whether it was grabbing a digital coffee with a FaceTime friend, learning a new dance routine from YouTube or styling your favorite Coach bag into your work-from-home look, tell us what made you smile today ⤵️ #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

26 Mar 2020

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Good things come in three. Which Rambler is your favorite? #TheCoachOriginals #CoachSS20 #CoachNY

24 Mar 2020

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The New York Original opens up about following her path, pushing herself to the next level and doing what she does best: being Jennifer. #TheCoachOrignals #CoachxJLo #JLo #CoachNY

24 Mar 2020

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A place in the sun. Mini or fashionably roomy, the Rambler has just the spot for you. #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

23 Mar 2020

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To all the wordsmiths out there, we want to hear from you. Caption this image of #JenniferLopez with our new Rambler crossbodies ⤵️ Here’s some inspo to get you started: “Jenny knows how to colorblock” . “Two minis and one knockout mamma” (for our friends in the UK) . “Two is better than one” . You get the idea. 😉 #TheCoachOriginals #CoachxJLo #CoachNY

22 Mar 2020

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Reasons to smile: 1. #JenniferLopez 2. Spring (it officially arrived yesterday) 3. The Rambler (our retro-inspired, summer-approved bag) #TheCoachOriginals #CoachxJLo #CoachNY

21 Mar 2020

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Nothing but good vibes. 🌞#JenniferLopez #CoachxJLo #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

20 Mar 2020

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Today's mood: channeling optimistic energy. What are you are looking forward to? ⤵️ #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

19 Mar 2020

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To our community, you've been sharing such inspiring stories over the last few days, we want to hear more from you. In the spirit of staying connected, tell us what brings you joy? 🌞⤵️ #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

18 Mar 2020

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Community is at the heart of who we are at Coach—so let’s stay connected. As we all try to navigate the current global situation, we hope to continue to inspire you with our images and stories. To all our Coachies out there, we’ve got you. #CoachNY . . . Find us 24/7 on For any queries, our customer service teams are here to help. Email them at

17 Mar 2020

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What's in your Coach collection? Whether you're the queen of totes or wallet-obsessed, we want to know how much Coach is in your closet. Comment below. ⤵️ #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

16 Mar 2020

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Why are you an Original? How do you pave your own way or switch things up? What's your superpower? Tell us below. ⤵️ #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

15 Mar 2020

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What was your first Coach bag? We want our OG's (you) to tell us all about it. Share below. ⤵️ #TheCoachOriginals #CoachNY

14 Mar 2020