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Found this hidden away, very old self portrait in pastels. From my late 20’s. #selfportraitpainting #pastel #craigyounganandartist

01 Apr 2020

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This weather has been so crazy the last few days, I’ve taken over the dining room to try & keep myself motivated. So far, so good 🤪#oilpainting #paintingoncanvas #covidstressmanagement #mentaltherapy #artforartsake #craigyounganandartist

01 Apr 2020

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Next canvas ready to go. 9”x12” oil on canvas. #oilpainting #canvaspainting #japanesetheme #craigyounganandartist

31 Mar 2020

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Finished, oil on canvas with next one waiting in the wings. #oilpainting #paintingoncanvas #japaneseart #craigyounganandart #craigyounganandartist

30 Mar 2020

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Relaxing in deck drinking tea, sketching and reading messages. The sounds of nature abound. Loving it!

29 Mar 2020

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Haven’t worked on pastels for many years. And I enjoyed throwing this together. #pastel #sketching #craigyounganandart #craigyounganandartist

29 Mar 2020

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I’m happy with background, now to finish the subject. Yes I know, quite a back to front way of painting. But sometimes you throw reason out the window & just go with what ever happens. #oiloncanvas #japaneseart #craigyounganandartist #craigyounganandart

28 Mar 2020

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26 Mar 2020

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This is the principle bedroom of William Charles Wentworth, and his wife Sarah. Although, Vaucluse house has been vacant of residents for many many decades, and has been kept as a house museum. Furnished with much original furniture as possible, made possible by family descendants & those with a connection. Part 1, rest to follow in comments

25 Mar 2020

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A mass of sketches in differing mediums from my days at The Julian Ashton Art School in the 1980’s through to more recent times. While in current quarantine, I’m really getting into cleaning out the studio at home

24 Mar 2020

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I used to work here as house manager in the 1990’s. Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney. Described in its day as the finest house in the colony.

24 Mar 2020

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Returned from Madrid last night. 27hours of travelling is no easy task. As soon as we arrived, the city of Madrid went into lockdown. Most guests had already left. When we arrived, we became a community of 20. Staff of 10, total number of guest 10. The Staff and Management went way beyond, looking after us. After a few days, we became the only two guests left. We were spoilt rotten. We have become friends with all the staff & as soon as this crazy time in this planets existence, we will return. And when we return to Madrid, we will be staying at the same hotel. It’s called ONLY YOU! A boutique hotel, amazing decor and art. Plus brilliant rooms. The food is awesome too!

21 Mar 2020

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Not mine, a modern Picasso influenced. But the colours are magic!

18 Mar 2020

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15 Mar 2020

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A very rough sketch with watercolours, as a study for a larger painting in oils. St George & the Dragon. #roughsketch #watercolour #craigyounganandartist

14 Mar 2020