Jungle Cruise @disneysjunglecruise

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Check out the new poster for Disney’s #JungleCruise. See it in theaters July 24!

10 Mar 2020

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Watch the new trailer for Disney’s #JungleCruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. In theaters July 24!

10 Mar 2020

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Check out the new poster for Disney’s #JungleCruise! See it in theaters July 24, 2020.

11 Oct 2019

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The myth is real. Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney’s #JungleCruise, in theaters July 24, 2020.

11 Oct 2019

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#TBT Dwayne Johnson (@therock) and Emily Blunt’s epic #JungleCruise stage moment at D23 Expo!

03 Oct 2019

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Dwayne @TheRock Johnson and Emily Blunt arrived in style to the #D23Expo stage to talk #JungleCruise.

24 Aug 2019

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We can’t wait to see @TheRock and Emily Blunt together in Disney’s Jungle Cruise. #D23Expo

24 Aug 2019

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“IT’S OFFICIAL. JULY 24th, 2020. Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages. My partner in crime, Emily Blunt and I, cordially invite you to join us for THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. All aboard...😈 DISNEY’S #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢 🗺🌴❤️🥃” (via @TheRock)

19 Oct 2018

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“Walt Disney, this one’s for you buddy 💫 It’s very bittersweet to have something so uniquely special come to an end — but myself and my one and only virtuoso, Emily Blunt proudly say, that’s an official wrap of our epic DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE. From deep in my bones, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who invested their time and talents into making this movie a dream come true. The JUNGLE CRUISE ride was Walt Disney’s proud creation and has gone on to impact generations and bring pure joy and fun to families worldwide. We hope to deliver and make his spirit proud. Until then, I raise a glass of fine tequila 🥃 to my lady, Em aka “Pants” and our entire production crew, brilliant filmmakers and Disney family... cheers to the adventure of a lifetime. Cheers, to JUNGLE CRUISE. #ALittleDittyBoutFrankAndLily🚢🌴🗺❤️🥃” (via @therock)

14 Sep 2018

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Soul.. she’s got it. As our production of the epic Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE comes to an end - I’m a lucky SOB to have the incomparable one, Emily Blunt as my partner in crime, doin’ time on this boundless & wild journey. This is truly, the adventure of a lifetime. #LittleDittyBoutFrankAndLily #OnAndOn #DISNEY #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢🌴🗺❤️ (via @therock) 📷: @hhgarcia41

14 Sep 2018

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The Skipper & The Captain. Myself and our relentlessly hard working Spanish filmmaker, @jcolletserra between takes on set of our DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE. Jaume has to draw me pictures on paper since I need what’s called “practical direction” before shooting scenes. Especially, if it requires me to act, play my guitar and sing in keys that don’t exist all at the same time. My incomparable co-star (and lucky recipient of my singing) Emily Blunt and myself are so grateful for the collaboration and partnership with this man. What a brilliant filmmaker. What an unforgettable experience. Two more weeks left and that’s a wrap. The adventure of a lifetime... #SkipperFrank #DISNEY #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢 🗺🌴🎶❤️ (via @therock) 📸: @hhgarcia41

04 Sep 2018

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On set of our DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE and I made friends with a big ‘ol hungry Anaconda. While my brave co-star and good buddy @jackwhitehall did his best to smile thru his fear of snakes. Good times with the animals of the Amazon. Next, me and Jack will swim with the piranhas.. completely against his will. The adventure of the lifetime. #AllAboard #Disney #JUNGLECRUISE 🐍🐟🚢🗺🌴 (via @therock)

30 Aug 2018

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“For the past four months we’ve been puttin’ in the hard work filming DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE. This image reflects the genuine love and laughs that is our daily DNA. My incomparable co-star, Emily Blunt and our brilliant & passionate Spanish filmmaker, Jaume Collet-Serra. Feels like we’re making something pretty cool, exciting and fun for the world to enjoy. The adventure of a lifetime.. #ALittleDittyAboutFrankAndLily #Disney #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢 🗺🌴❤️” (via @therock) 📸: @hhgarcia41

25 Aug 2018

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“*watch ‘til the end and see one of the most awe inspiring & massive sets ever built from scratch. Walt Disney, this one’s for you buddy! 🧢 🤙🏾💫 Officially kicked off our @DisneysJungleCruise start of production with great respect, love, energy & mana. How cool is it that in 1955 when Disneyland first opened, Walt Disney himself, imagined and designed the first ever JUNGLE CRUISE ride. And he was the ride’s first skipper as well! A role that now I have the honor of bringing to life along with my incomparable co-star Emily Blunt ❤️ Heartfelt MAHALO to my home state of HAWAII for once again being a beautiful and exotic backdrop for one of my films. And for welcoming me and a big production back to the islands to help boost some economics and help our hard working locals and businesses. Honestly, this role is a dream come true and my gratitude & motivation to deliver something great is boundless. And 🤯🥃 now I need a drink. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime... #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢 🗺🌴❤️” (via @TheRock)

09 Aug 2018

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Emily Blunt and Dwayne @TheRock Johnson welcome you to the adventure of a lifetime! Disney’s #JungleCruise is now in production. In theaters October 2019.

31 Jul 2018