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I love @nygovcuomo

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Nuff said. Don’t just thank them on social platforms. Thank them if you see them, thank them when you see them - after this is done, months from now, years from now. THEY. WERE. THERE. Remember... #iwill

26 Mar 2020

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Find the peace in the chaos... #hallelujah #keepyourdistance

25 Mar 2020

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March 24th.... Good Morning! Stay inside and sing in the rain...

24 Mar 2020

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Thanks Neil Diamond!!!!

23 Mar 2020

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Not spreading hate - spreading CAUTION! In times like these it’s important to remember that we have a huge election coming up in November, and this little sampling here is as scary as the virus...and as head scratchingly contagious... go to #dailyshow to see the rest of @jordanklepper interviews mind boggling and while funny actually horrifying

22 Mar 2020

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About sums it up...

20 Mar 2020

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Re posting this video. PLEASE WATCH. SOUND ON!

20 Mar 2020

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Love this... #Repost @abcnews ・・・ Happy 95th! The family of a New York woman held a surprise gathering in her front yard to sing her "Happy Birthday" – from a safe distance. #happybirthday #socialdistancing #coronavirus #syracuse #newyork

19 Mar 2020

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We could all use this now...

18 Mar 2020

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#Repost @tonygoldwyn ・・・ From a colleague in New York City this morning: “My sister is a doctor at Mt. Sinai where patients are already in the halls and are they are overrun. There are only 88 dedicated Covid beds at Sinai. The hospital is running out of intubation kits, ER doctors are intubating around 10 people per doctor each shift. Also, the ER doctors are on 2nd and 3rd shifts because so many have been infected and on quarantine. Most are seeing patients with the fear of coming down with a fever any moment. Additionally they do not have masks. My sister is a Radiation Oncologist and her department, although not ER, have come in contact with many patients confirmed positive while they are still treating cancer patients. They have 1 box of N95 masks and are being told to reuse multiple days. They were instructed to throw out only if it became wet. Most doctors will be moved to the ER soon as they will run out of ER doctors not infected. Her colleagues at Memorial Sloane Kettering are running out of all protective gear. The crisis has already hit the hospitals and is not being reported. What is needed most now to save lives is intubation kits, N95 masks, and protective gear. If there’s any way we can help at this point besides staying home is to urge people to donate masks if they have N95s.” #covid_19 #staysafe #itshere

18 Mar 2020

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You can thank @scottbarnescosmetics for this little gem!I WE ❤️ #jennifercoolidge

18 Mar 2020

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When your words bite you in the ass over and over again just FUCKING ZIP IT. Please share.

17 Mar 2020

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With the aquariums shut down due to virus the animals get to take a stroll...

17 Mar 2020

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16 Mar 2020