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These are challenging times and we are all doing our best to navigate these uncharted waters. While most of the world’s population is doing their share by isolating themselves to help #FlattenTheCurve and give the health care system a fighting chance, we thought we would start #TheWednesdayWatch. Every Wednesday we will post a list of what our company is watching — features, series, docs, animation — and what breaks up the time and clears our mind, while we work from home 24/7. Here we go (in no particular order). Please be safe! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @scotify @nolibowling @shellfish_130 @teddy_krueger

26 Mar 2020

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Behold 👁! The world 🌎 premiere of our brand new trailer 🎥 for @disneysjunglecruise ! Join 2020’s answer to Bogart and Hepburn, @therock and #EmilyBlunt, as they sail you down the treacherous Amazon River 🇧🇷 for the ride of a lifetime. You’re in for one surprise after the next. “Know this about the jungle, everything you see wants to kill you...and can!” JUNGLE CRUISE is an epic adventure film loaded with action, comedy, danger and heart ⚔️ 🐍 🕷🐠 🐅 🌴 ♥️ 🔥 — See it in on the biggest and loudest screen🍿you can find when JUNGLE CRUISE hits theatres exclusively on July 24th! (See link in bio ☝🏼 for full trailer) @therock #EmilyBlunt @jackwhitehall @edgarramirez25 #JessePlemons #PaulGiamatti @realveronicafalcon @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @scotify @sevenbucksprod @disneystudios #BuckleUpWorld

10 Mar 2020

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It sure is hard to choose between these two exclusive posters for @disneysjunglecruise 😂😂 We happen to love them both equally, 🤜🏼🤛🏼 just like we do our stars ⭐️ ⭐️!! Stay tuned for the (real) poster reveal + the world premiere of trailer #2 🌎 🎥 Keep a tight eye 👁 👁 tomorrow, March 10 !! @therock #EmilyBlunt @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @scotify @sevenbucksprod @disneystudios #YukItUpBlunt #SkippyWolff #InTheatersOnly #Repost @therock ・・・ You keep yukin’ it up, Blunt. You got one coming, kid 👍🏾😈 Our NEW @DISNEYSJUNGLECRUISE trailer and poster DROPS TOMORROW! Truly, the adventure of a lifetime. #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢🌴🗺 🐍🐆🥃

09 Mar 2020

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Hello @rituarya and #ChrisDiamantopoulos, consider yourselves on notice! These two very talented actors should have no problem holding their own next to @therock @vancityreynolds and @gal_gadot in Netflix’s upcoming globe-trotting 🌎 action-thriller 🎥 RED NOTICE. Ritu is best known for the hit @netflix series THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY ☂ and you will recognize Chris as the scene stealer from HBO’s hit comedy SILICON VALLEY 💻. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated and exciting pair of actors to help round out our truly remarkable cast. Remember world 🌎 — You’re On Notice 🛑 💎 @netflix @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @rawsonthurber @scotify #OriginalMovies #CleopatrasEggs

14 Feb 2020

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March can’t come soon enough! It takes enormous effort and very talented people to transform an idea into reality. 💫 Big cheers to @therock @danygarciaco @kenaustin_ and the entire #Teremana team for bringing this dream to life – in the form of a delicious, game-changing tequila. 🥃 Looking forward to sharing it with family & friends on special occasions, or simply on a chill, rainy 🌧 evening. Excited for the world 🌎 to give it a swirl @teremana 🌵 #March2020 #ComeHaveADrink #TminusOneMonth #CopperPots #Jimadors #Rainmakers #Repost @therock ・・・ Made by hand. Follow me on @teremana 🥃 for tequila content as we go down life’s amazing, and at times very hard, but beautiful road. Highest of quality. Best of taste. Available to everyone. #tequilaofthepeople #teremana #founder Available March 2020.

29 Jan 2020

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And... we’re off! Principal photography on #RedNotice 🛑 is underway and the movie is quickly shaping up to be a fresh, fun thrill-ride🎢 for audiences of all ages around the globe 🌎 It’s been quite an eventful journey from ideation to pitch to production 🎥 but we never lost sight of our goal — to bring this event, created & written by multi-threat @rawsonthurber to life with one of the coolest 😎 casts ever assembled. Getting an ambitious project like this over the finish line calls for hard work, passion and most importantly, great partnerships. It’s a cool feeling to be rolling here on Day 1☝🏼where we can look back and reflect on all the teamwork & locked arms 💪🏼 it took to get here. Endless gratitude to our favorite & world-class 🏆 producing partners @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod 🙏🏼 and we’re very thankful for super-talented @vancityreynolds @gal_gadot for believing in the process and the script 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Thank you to the amazing film team at @Netflix for the unwavering support and the unrelenting assassins at FPC @scotify @nolibowling @shellfish_130 🥇 Let’s go to work! 🛑 💎 ♟ 🥚 🐈 🐭 #YoureOnNotice #OriginalContent #Repost @therock ・・・ Day 1 of shooting our RED NOTICE has officially begun for @Netflix. Me and my friends @vancityreynolds and @gal_gadot are on the move. In the world of international crime, an Interpol issued RED NOTICE is a global alert to hunt down and capture the worlds most wanted. The world’s greatest art thief. The world’s greatest tracker. The worlds greatest conman. #REDNOTICE♟💎 #Netflix

21 Jan 2020

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Thrilled for Netflix and the filmmaking team of MURDER MYSTERY 🔪 for their awesome success! 👏🏼 👏🏼 It bears the honor of the most watched 👀 film OR television title on the Netflix platform in 2019. Proud to have developed & set this project up 13 years ago (!) and be an Executive Producer on it when the movie ultimately got made. Congratulations 🥳 to #TrippVinson #JamieVanderbilt @kylenewacheck @adamsandler @jenniferaniston and the @netflix feature content team #TedSarandos #ScottStuber @tendo 🎥 🍿 Get ready 🌎 for more globe-trotting good times #RedNotice 2020 🛑 #DontStopBelieving

30 Dec 2019

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Viva Italia 🇮🇹! On the road with our fearless director @rawsonthurber / brother-man, Seven Bucks president & producing partner @hhgarcia41 / executive producer @dhouseholter 🎥 We are on the final tech scout of #RedNotice — in Rome at the legendary Cinecittà Studios. Built in 1937, this studio has some incredible history. It’s the largest film studio in Europe and known as “Hollywood on the Tiber.” Titans of our industry have shot classic films here, from ROMAN HOLIDAY to BEN-HUR to LA DOLCE VITA to THE ENGLISH PATIENT and the list goes on and on. You can feel the magical energy of the 3000+ movies that have shot here. Honored and excited to be filming at this studio for the very first time! Get ready 🌎 for a globe-trotting & rollicking good time! 🍿🍿 #RedNotice 🛑 @therock @vancityreynolds @gal_gadot @danygarciaco @scotify @sevenbucksprod @netflix

19 Dec 2019

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#TBT to just a few weeks ago. Epic 24 hours in NY, 🍎 where we had a press conference that @therock announced a brand new project 👊🏼 #TheSmashingMachine, a dinner to discuss directors 🎥 and then had the privilege to watch two of the baddest MFers enter the UFC ring— and only one MFer would leave it. Congratulations to Jorge Masvidal @gamebredfighter on winning an incredible fight against the lionhearted @natediaz209 🦁 Honored to meet and chat with the BMF himself, a 305 brother ✋🏼🤚🏼 for life! #TheU #FourMiamiBrothers #OneArizonaWildcat #WhichOneOfTheseThingsDoesntBelong 😂😂 @therock @hhgarcia41 @gamebredfighter @bslater 👍🏼

21 Nov 2019

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It’s an event unlike any other! On 12.22.21 @therock enters the superhero💥 genre for the very first time to bring DC’s most popular antihero #BlackAdam to life⚡️Together with our close partners at @newlinecinema @dccomics and @sevenbucksprod we plan to shake up the way you view 👀 superhero movies and deliver an epic ride for audiences around the globe 🌎 #JaumeCollet-Serra @therock @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @rbpix #WalterHamada @blairrich @daveneus @scotify @aschlagman @adamsztykiel #TeamLightning #BlackAdamRises #Dec2021 #SeasonsGreetings • • • #Repost @therock The Man in Black ⚡️ Like most kids growing up, I dreamed about being a superhero. Having cool superpowers, fighting for what’s right and always protecting the people. It all changed for me, when I was 10yrs old and was first introduced to the greatest superhero of all time - SUPERMAN. As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. But, a few years into my fantasy, I realized that Superman was the hero, I could never be. I was too rebellious. Too rambunctious. Too resistant to convention and authority. Despite my troubles, I was still a good kid with a good heart - I just liked to do things my way. Now, years later as a man, with the same DNA I had as a kid - my superhero dreams have come true. I’m honored to join the iconic #DCUniverse and it’s a true pleasure to become, BLACK ADAM. BLACK ADAM is blessed by magic with the powers equal to SUPERMAN, but the difference is he doesn’t toe the mark or walk the line. He’s a rebellious, one of a kind superhero, who’ll always do what’s right for the people - but he does it his way. Truth and justice - the BLACK ADAM way. This role is unlike any other I’ve ever played in my career and I’m grateful to the bone we’ll all go on this journey together. BLACK ADAM 12.21.21 ⚡️ Huge thank you to my friends, @jimlee and @bosslogic for this first time ever bad ass collaboration.

14 Nov 2019

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Life comes full circle ⭕️ sometimes. It’s beyond kismet how this wildly compelling and hard-hitting 🥊 movie came together. From me getting the rights 16 years ago, trying to make the movie as a young producer— to just a few weeks ago @therock securing the rights himself, graciously inviting us to join the filmmaking team; 🙌🏼 thank you deeply. We are so honored 🙏🏼 to collaborate with @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 and the entire team of @sevenbucksprod on this incredible, true life story. Dwayne @therock Johnson will portray, arguably the best fighter in MMA history, Mark Kerr @markkerrtsm 🥋 Only this story isn’t about fighting in the’s about fighting for your life. We all have to battle our demons, as that is part of living our lives, but some of us experience harsher and more intense demons than others. You can’t predict the cards that are dealt to you, but you can choose how you play them. Get ready to see a performance like you’ve never seen before from @therock. This one is special, and we will certainly also give it our all. Keep you 🌎 posted as it all comes together. #TheSmashingMachine #TheSpecimen #LifeComesFullCircle 👏🏼👏🏼 @bslater9 Repost @therock ・・・ This one has a deep personal connection to me considering the many parallels our lives had. Thank you, @markkerrtsm for trusting me and @sevenbucksprod with your life rights and extraordinary story. This man was once considered the greatest heavyweight MMA fighter in the world. A true pioneering UFC legend. And truly, one of one. Demons of fame, drug addiction, mental health and the pressure to be #1, took over. Like many fighters in the cage or the ring, there’s a deep humanity and depth of character with this man that the world should see. We’ve all hit rock bottom. Some make it back up. Some don’t. Giving this one my all. #MarkKerr #TheSmashingMachine

05 Nov 2019

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Here it is! 🙌🏼 Your very first look 👀 at @disneysjunglecruise Action, adventure, comedy, romance and enough puns to keep you smiling 😃 for weeks on end. It’s pun for the whole family! See it on the biggest screen 📺 possible July 24 2020 @therock #EmilyBlunt @jackwhitehall @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @scotify @disneystudios @michaelseanbailey @sevenbucksprod @edgarramirez25 #JessePlemons @realveronicafalcon #PaulGiamatti #Frank&Lily #TheAdventureOfALifetime #BuckleUp 🌴🚢 Link to the full trailer in bio ・・・ The myth is real. Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney’s #JungleCruise, in theaters July 24, 2020.

11 Oct 2019

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Exciting times over here at FPC 💫 The JUNGLE CRUISE campaign is about to begin. Two global icons 🤩 kick us off... Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt electrify⚡️the amazing fans at D23 with their stellar presentation and an exclusive first look. Here’s a small sampling of the dynamic chemistry between @therock and #EmilyBlunt // They each made an epic entrance and stole the show with hilarious 😂 banter and not one, but two teaser trailers; each from their character’s point-of-view. And keep an eye 👁 out for the ultimate master of ceremonies and president of production at Disney, our other captain @michaelseanbailey 🙌🏼 Not easy to share a stage with Dwayne & Emily but Sean is a a natural and he nailed it. Lastly, watch for our official trailer launch — coming very soon!! Summer 2020 can’t get here soon enough. #Frank&Lily #Maui&MaryPoppins #AdventureOfALifetime @therock @michaelseanbailey @jackwhitehall @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @scotify @disneystudios @disneysjunglecruise

03 Oct 2019

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It’s been a minute since we explored the genre, but we are back with a new horror film 😱 at Lionsgate. And we’re thrilled to be producing for Oz Perkins, an immensely talented director 🎥 with a flair for creating eerie, intelligent, visual and unsettling terror. Inspired by true events, INCIDENT AT FORT BRAGG tells the story of real and renowned Irish priest Malachi Martin who was brought in to perform a sanctioned exorcism on a young soldier at Fort Bragg, N.C., the largest military base in the world. We are inspired by the classics — THE EXORCIST crossed with SE7EN and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Lofty 🎯 but go big or why bother, is one of our mantras. Keep you posted as our cast comes together and when we shoot next year. @lionsgate #OzPerkins @scotify @nolibowling @westerpants @merith_swag @scottglassgold @jeff.buhler #EvanTurner @harrisonquery #GetYourSageReady #DoYouBelieve #2021

26 Sep 2019

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Cinema has always been inspired by photography…and one of the world’s most brilliant and influential photographers died last night, Robert Frank. He was 94. His powerful book THE AMERICANS captured the United States, like never seen before. In 1955 he traveled across America in a used Ford and took 27,000 photographs. Of those, he published 83 iconic and groundbreaking images in his book that changed the medium and the world forever. I became familiar with his photography when I was in college and they left a searing imprint that inspires me to this day. RIP Robert Frank. We are forever grateful for your gut-punching, beautiful and timeless photos. 🙏🏼 *** “The photographing of America’ is a large order—read at all literally, the phrase would be an absurdity” — Robert Frank, 1954 @ngadc 📷 @nytimes #RobertFrank

10 Sep 2019