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A few years back while in Canada we found this “Olympic Pool” so Dave England and I skated it. Looking for old footage I never posted that’s on my phone haha 😂 #skatepools granted I’m ridding a 7.75 board with 52mm wheels @blakeular it’s not a slam, I’m looking for one PS, named this the Black Sabbath pool because of the upside down crosses in it 😂

24 Mar 2020

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On top of the sprinter (The Stormtrooper), we kept our 9 ft distance from people. Had lunch and fresh air by the beach. Happy Saturday, everyone.

21 Mar 2020

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Los Angeles 03.19.2020

19 Mar 2020

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Having my morning coffee, wondering how to tell you about @merge4socks. Maybe you should just go follow them, plus swipe right (haha) not for a date, but a promo code. These socks are amazing. Swipe all the way to the last pic to learn that since each pair of these socks are made from 2 recycled plastic bottles you are saved from the coronavirus. Save the world & yourself!! 😁#whocares live your life to the FULLEST!!

11 Mar 2020

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Today’s hike.. just wanted to go have a seat in the “Captains Roost”. Had so much fun, weather was prefect. Last pic shows where we started from. So if you know the @griffithobservatory trails you will understand. #lahikelife

08 Mar 2020

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The leather to my MÖTORHEAD!! The angel of death to my SLAYER!! LOVE THIS WOMAN!!

06 Mar 2020

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“Cold Spring Tavern RULEZ”!! @hey_imlaura

02 Mar 2020

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Inspiration comes in many ways. Since day 1 @hey_imlaura has been inspiring me in many ways.. swipe to watch the video and to see our accomplishment! #hikelife

29 Feb 2020

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Good morning LEAP YEAR!! Life is so good. Enjoy the little 😂 things in life & you’ll be able to appreciate everything! #sleeponthebeach

29 Feb 2020

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Life is good!! This year we’re going on FEET first #vanlife @hey_imlaura

28 Feb 2020

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Thank you @ozzyosbourne @shamrocksocialclub & @bigislandmike for this legendary t-shirt!! Made my day, wait YEAR!! #tshirtsmakemehappy

24 Feb 2020

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#flashbackfriday Torrance skatepark was fun, short lived, but great times @aptskateshop

21 Feb 2020

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This Mini Cooper thought he was BigFoot!! 😂

19 Feb 2020

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Up & Down.. haha good times today! Thank you @tinyavenger72 for the clip. Haha watch my story to see the angle from the van in the background 😂

14 Feb 2020

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Happy Valentines Day!! I love you Laura. Life has been amazing since you have been a part of it! I know I know it’s a hallmark day, I just wanted to share US!! 😘🥰❤️

14 Feb 2020