Ilaria Urbinati @ilariaurbinati

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Social Distancing: A Photo Story (all images swiped from @leimmasport)

26 Mar 2020

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Ok thank you social media! Here’s the full shot! Chris Evans x @Time Magazine. Styled by yours truly in @eleventy_milano 📸: @ryanpfluger

26 Mar 2020

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NEW @Time Magazine story with Chris Evans. Last job I styled before we shut down. Link in Stories for full story & video. Clothes: @eleventy_milano

26 Mar 2020

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About to start bingeing FLEABAG finally. Which reminds me, how is it that only a month ago we were in the middle of awards season? Feels like a lifetime ago now 🤯 All Andrew Scott looks styled by yours truly. Swipe ⬅️) #HotPriest @paulsmithdesign @azzaro_official @berluti

26 Mar 2020

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I’m destroyed to hear what’s going on in NYC. We love you. You are tougher than tough NY, and you will get through this. Now someone get those doctors the equipment they gd need already!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and everyone STAY HOME! The numbers in Italy are finally decreasing for the second day in a row (yay for GOOD news) but because they have been SO good at staying the f inside for a month now. The US needs to follow suit to avoid what’s happening in NY to happen to the rest of the country. So: Don’t panic. Don’t hoard. Stay calm. Stay positive. But STAY HOME If possible. The stricter we are about this, the sooner this will be over. (And if you’re unable to for work purposes ok but the rest of you, you don’t need 80 trips a week to the grocery store... unless you work there and if you do, well, thank you). (IMAGE RG @karlawelchstylist ❤️)

25 Mar 2020

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For those of you who listened to the live Q&A yesterday.... 👔 @ramimalek looking smooth af in blue linen @strongsuitclothing, styled by yours truly a couple years back

24 Mar 2020

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Hang in there world 🌎

24 Mar 2020

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INSTAGRAM LIVE today with myself & @Strongsuitclothing founder @jtothehd - 12PST and 2pmCST. It’s my first time doing this, so come see me be a total spazzing. I’ll even brush my hair (maybe). You can submit questions at @lachambrehq in the comments. 🎩👔

23 Mar 2020

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For a little style distraction... Donald Glover over the years. All looks styled by yours truly #Atlanta #StarWars #LionKing @childishgambino TAP FOR CREDITS (and support all your beloved brands!)

23 Mar 2020

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How was this only 3 weeks ago? It’s a whole other world since then... 📸: @austinhargrave

22 Mar 2020

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GIVE UP YOUR GD MASKS PEOPLE (this was the nice version of this caption)

21 Mar 2020

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This Monday 2pm CST me and @strongsuitclothing founder Jamie Davidson will take all your menswear questions live on my Instagram page 👔🎩

21 Mar 2020

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Stay productive. Lend a hand to the little guys. Give a bear hug. Stay cool. In other words, be more like @TheRock ✔️✔️✔️✔️ (FBF Wall Street Journal cover shoot styled by yours truly) SWIPE ⬅️

20 Mar 2020

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On day 6 of quarantine I finally remembered I live with my trainer 😜 and put down the snacks to get a little workout in 🥊 GO TO MY STORIES for a little training inspo video with @thejohnnyhunt #shadowboxing #stayhealthy #staystrong

20 Mar 2020

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It’s Father’s Day in Italy today. My dad is quarantined by himself in Rome. We usually don’t talk as often (the distance will do that) but these days I have been talking to him every day to keep his spirits up. The other day he told me he lived through a similar epidemic in Europe in 1957. 4000 died in Italy. He said back then everyone just wrote each other letters and mostly took care of themselves at home (he got it too but recovered easily). He said the media wasn’t such a thing back then, so it sort of came and went. “It’s a different world now” he keeps telling me. He also said this reminds him of Rome at the time of the war, and that one of these days he will tell me more of his stories. ❤️ I miss you Papi, I miss you Italy 🇮🇹 (all photos taken over the years in Rome & Milan) PS love to my sister who is quarantined in Milan and sending him groceries & taking care of him from afar. Love you @piersantig

19 Mar 2020