joshua rush @joshuarush

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let’s have quarantine zoom dates

30 Mar 2020

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quarantine book club kinda popped off!!

29 Mar 2020

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26 Mar 2020

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only facetime hangouts for now :( please stay at home so this ends and i can hang out with peyton again soon

23 Mar 2020

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i keep wanting to post this and then not posting it but i haven’t posted about anything other than politics lately so here’s me and my dad

12 Mar 2020

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Last night at Bernie’s rally in LA, I heard him say something I’ve never heard another candidate say before. “My family fights for your family, your family fights for my family.” Hearing that from a candidate like Bernie—whose family came from the same place and the same struggle as mine, fleeing the Holocaust, coming to the United States with barely any money, little education, and having to forge their own American Dream that they knew they might not ever live to see the benefits of—inspired me deeply. I see the struggle of my ancestors, and Bernie’s, and those of immigrants persecuted under this fascist administration as one and the same. Until we are all free, none of us are, and there is no candidate who will set us all free as Americans like Senator Bernie Sanders. If we want a Green New Deal to see our future brightly, Medicare for All to end the choice between lifesaving medications, an end to the student debt that holds Americans down, and tuition-free public colleges and universities to allow everyone a level playing field to forge their own American Dream, the candidate is Bernie and the time is now. Bernie’s family fights for my family, and I will fight for him. Will you join us? Click my link in bio.

02 Mar 2020

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Let’s win with a movement for us all! I’m joining @jhutch1992 and @thelukemullen at Santa Monica College and Loyola Marymount University TOMORROW because we all deserve healthcare, a green new deal, and the better life that Bernie will bring us, and it starts with electing the best candidate for all of us on this Democratic field: @BernieSanders! ➡️SWIPE to see where to join us!

01 Mar 2020

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another day, another slope to hit !! 🎿

27 Feb 2020

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visited the international banana museum today, very apeeling place, bunches of fun. we really went bananas!

09 Feb 2020

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got to see @jaggedlittlepill today and it absolutely blew my mind in a way i had no way of expecting when i walked in!! the story was SO beautiful and incredible in every way......just go see it. there are no words

01 Feb 2020

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zoom in for leg hair

27 Jan 2020

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🗽welcome to new🗽york😍🌟it’s been waiting🥵for you🥰✨💞

24 Jan 2020

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for years on years i’ve had my sister (@simranmalik) by my side. good and bad, exciting and boring, whether we’re going crazy places, visiting and working on sets, or just sitting at home watching atla or victorious, i’m glad i’ve had you by my side @simranmalik i love u🥺🥺🥺

18 Jan 2020

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i want another tattoo what should i get

15 Jan 2020

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thinking about how it’s 2020 and we only have 10 years before we pass the point of no return on climate change and we’re already seeing the effects...anyways click the link in bio 📸 | @simranmalik

13 Jan 2020