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As a father of 5 and a restaurant owner, I get the struggle of creating a #familydinner that pleases everyone. CBC’s new show Fridge Wars merges family dining dilemmas with cutthroat competition as chefs face their hardest challenge yet- using only ingredients found in fridges of ordinary Canadians. Fridge Wars premieres tonight at 8PM (8:30 NT) on @CBC. I think they might have actually gotten that prosciutto from my fridge! #MrSunshine #EatWithTheGuzzos

27 Feb 2020

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I was honored to be award this recognition in early December. Today, I’m humbled for such an overwhelming turnout for this event. Thx you to the CIPBA & all those who will show up tomorrow & to the many of you that have reached out over the last few months with your heartfelt words of congratulations. 🙏🏻 🐲🐉#LessobsFromCBCDragonsDen #CBCDragonsDen Now Streaming on CBC GEM

11 Feb 2020

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No need for Tinder...I’m happily married! 🌻 #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #BeingMrSunshine #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

24 Jan 2020

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Going off the radar to refocus & get you strategic plan back in line is part of the journey toward success. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

18 Jan 2020

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Fear! Face it! Conquer it! You can do it and will get thru it. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

13 Jan 2020

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Survival of the fittest! Business or politics have more in common then we want to admit. #ListenToMe #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

13 Jan 2020

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“Show me your friends...I’ll tell you who you are.” Lots of truth in this old saying. #LessonFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC Gem

08 Jan 2020

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Accepting failure and moving forward nonetheless, is KEY to success. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming On CBC GEM

02 Jan 2020

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Honored to have been selected CIBPA Person of the Year 2019. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

01 Jan 2020

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Your path is one will fully understand why you chose that path. Don’t make the path about the arrive...make it about every step of the journey. It’s what will make you memories and what will make you grow. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

01 Jan 2020

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Integrity is very rare today. Most politicians want to talk about the complicated irrelevant issues ... to the average person who is just looking to secure himself a great job, pay the mortgage and help their children get the best care and eduction for a better tomorrow. Even is no one is looking or understands what is right no matter what.

30 Dec 2019

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Nothing makes you grow more then failure and struggling to get to where you want to go. Building resilience is the secret to success which no one will ever repeat to you enough. Get up. No matter what it takes...get matter how many times you hear you’ll never succeed...get up. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen Now Steaming on CBC GEM

29 Dec 2019

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Time is the only thing you can’t negotiate to get more of. Don’t waste it on people and things that never deserved you in the first place. #LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen Now Streaming on CBC GEM

28 Dec 2019

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#LessonsFromCBCDragonsDen #ListenToMe #CBCDragonsDen Now STREAMING on CBC Gem

27 Dec 2019

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Haters will hate...ever figure out where they get all their hate? Maybe they should start by looking in their bathroom mirror. #CBCDragonsDen NOW Streaming on CBC GEM

26 Dec 2019