MARK DOHNER 🎙 @markdohner

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who wore it better? the 6’3” handsome model on the left or the 5’1” peanut who hasn’t shaved her legs since quarantine on the right? 😂🤪🥜

25 Mar 2020

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APPRECIATION POST!! ♥️ 300K STREAMS IN 3 DAYS!! I couldn’t ask for a better response to my new song “Memory”!! I opened up on a more personal level and you guys have given SO MUCH SUPPORT!! Keep listening & sharing it to your story ♥️

22 Mar 2020

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Memory 💔 TONIGHT @ 12am Midnight EST // 9pm PST 🎶

19 Mar 2020

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smilin’ cuz my new single Memory drops Friday 3.20!! 🎶♥️ hoping this song helps those of you dealing with a break up & going through a tough time 🙏🏼

15 Mar 2020

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LIKE & Tag your QUARANTINE partner!! 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ the coronavirus has everyone in a frenzy... who are you going to quarantine with?

13 Mar 2020

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🚨 IT’S FINALLY HERE!! my new song “Memory” is available for Pre-Order & drops NEXT FRIDAY March 20! SWIPE ➡️ for a chance to WIN!! ♥️ this is by far my most personal song to date & I’m excited for YOU to hear it!! :) show some support by PRE-ORDERING!! 🙏🏼

13 Mar 2020

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love CHANGE, fear being the same :) decided to dye my hair pink! 💗 a lot of us are afraid to make changes cuz we fear taking risks & the opinions of others... but IDGAF!! 🤪 #bePOSITIVEbeHAPPYbeYOU

11 Mar 2020

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don’t mess with us, especially my mom 😂 swipe to see @terrycrews pec poppin’ 💪🏼 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! 🎂

04 Mar 2020

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dressed for the night. dinner for 2 at ur favorite restaurant. i order lobster mashed potatoes & a steak, side of asparagus (extra crispy). u don’t show up. it’s ok. I eat dinner alone & head to the club, where I see u with Jim. I grab the closest girl next to me & kiss her to make u jealous, she slaps me. she has a boyfriend. her boyfriend punches me in the face. I go home with a black eye, grab an ice pack & open up my web browser to private. volume low. night over. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all you single ones!! 😂♥️

14 Feb 2020

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i walk a lonely road 🧳🌴 if u don’t like Green Day then idk man... who recognizes the suitcase?! ♥️ #NoLoveInLA

06 Feb 2020

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did I find LOVE in LA?! ♥️😏 music vid tomorrow 12pm PST 🎥 #NoLoveInLA

02 Feb 2020

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‘No Love in LA’ is OUT NOW! 🎙🎶 GO STREAM & add it to your playlist! here’s some BTS of the music vid dropping Monday! 🤫 huge thank u to everyone who helped out with this project! 🙏🏼♥️ (also, your support on the track is unreal... I’m lost for words & can’t thank u enough) #NoLoveInLA

31 Jan 2020

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my single ‘No Love in LA’ is OUT NOW! ♥️🎙 stream & add to ur playlist! what you think of it?! #NoLoveInLA

30 Jan 2020

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my song “No Love in LA” is OUT NOW!! 💔🎶 I wrote it during a time when I was lost & felt like giving up on my dream - I missed my family back home, I felt like my journey in LA was coming to an end & I thought no one cared. I was alone. Thankfully, I turned things around & writing this song helped me regain my passion & drive. thanks for all of the support on it! 🙏🏼♥️

29 Jan 2020

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“it is not the length of one’s life that is important, but the depth” - been reflecting these past couple days on the impact of Kobe & the importance of everyday life. we get caught up in our routines, work & distractions & forget how meaningful each day is. cherish the moments you have on this earth with the people you love. I aspire to exhibit the depth to my life that #24 did ♥️🙏🏼👼🏼

28 Jan 2020