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Now more than ever, we are one team. #playinside #playfortheworld We’ll continue to share how our community around the world is staying active in their homes. Show us how you #playinside for a chance to be featured. Head to the link in our bio for your daily source of sport. @swimone @ibtihajmuhammad @skybrown @shotdiva @de11edonne @benechi

27 Mar 2020

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Get to know: Nike Yoga Collection ⠀ Get stretchy in super soft, smooth and quick-drying pieces that feel as good as Savasana. @krissy_jones @nicoleacardoza

10 Mar 2020

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One day, together, we will make this our every day.

08 Mar 2020

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The Nike Air Max Verona was inspired by the women who break the mold and define themselves. By defying expectations, @naomiosaka is inspiring a future where everyone is empowered to communicate on their terms. Check out our story to learn more.

06 Mar 2020

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“I just feel really confident when I play football because that’s something that I struggle with a little bit,” Bianca says. “But when I play football, I feel like I can do anything.”⁣ ⁣ Bianca had football dreams, but not many options to play. Until @hackneywickfc started in 2015 and soon after started a women’s program, which she joined. The club has grown from one men’s side to now serving hundreds of people in the East London borough. Bianca has become a success story of the club and now also plays for Tottenham’s junior side.⁣ ⁣ Watch Episode 1 of our new series, “From the Grounds Up,” about the people creating community change through @Nikefootball on IGTV.

04 Mar 2020

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⠀ ⠀ From local streets to global stages, these athletes are defining a collective legacy, finding personal truth and generational progress through the power of sport and culture. ⠀ Check out professional ballet dancer at the Dance Theater of Harlem @ingridsilva and media personality and advocate @scottiebeam in a conversation about making moves toward the future they believe in. #bhm #untilweallwin

28 Feb 2020

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“We talk a lot about gender equality, about how important it is for girls and women to have empowerment, and that they earn their space,” says Júlia Vergueiro, co-founder of Pelado Real Football Club, the only private all-girls football club in São Paulo. “Football can be a big tool for that, because a girl who earns a place on the field, believes she can also have a place in her family, at work, or wherever she is.” ⠀ Support for women’s football has grown globally since last summer’s tournament and in Brazil, where it was broadcast for the first time on national television, the shift has been strong. In the months following, a new attendance record was set for professional club football and Júlia says at her own club, enrollments and participation have doubled. This is Ripple Effect. See our Story for the full film.

26 Feb 2020

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“I work as a doctor in a very busy hospital in London. It's extremely stressful and busy — I'm up on my feet all the time, so swimming is a way for me to escape that busy lifestyle and reality. And it just gives me a feeling of weightlessness.” ⠀ @gazawiyaaa is a Palestinian scuba diver and swimmer who lives and works in London. Shop the link in bio.

22 Feb 2020

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To go fast, we have to go together. To lead the way, we have to lead together. Making a future we can believe in, and a legacy to protect. @cdunn19 ⠀ ⠀ Together we’re grounded in the unshakeable power of sport, seeing challenges as opportunities. From Queens to South London to the Bronx, when you push the ball forward, you’re showing others that they can, too. ⠀ ⠀ Check out our Story for the full film. #BHM #UntilWeAllWin

21 Feb 2020

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Across the globe a new vanguard of leaders are making moves toward the future they believe in — individual moments adding up to something greater and connecting us in pursuit of our goals.⁣ ⁣ ⠀ Learn about two of these leaders, artist @crowezilla and inaugural youth poet Laureate of the US, @amandascgorman, in an unfiltered discussion about community and sport. #bhm #untilweallwin

14 Feb 2020

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World champion heptathlete @mariiaviicente wears the Nike Swoosh UltraBreathe Sports Bra, and loves it. Learn more about Maria in our story.

13 Feb 2020

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Goodbye, boob sweat. With super-fast-drying material for all-day comfort, The Nike Swoosh Ultrabreathe Sports Bra is our most exciting bra innovation yet. ⠀ @africaprz @mariiaviicente @alejandrasmits

07 Feb 2020

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The Future of Sport is here, and it’s ready to make history. #Nike2020 ⠀ Head to our link in bio to join us. @dinaashersmith @ibtihajmuhammad @bebe_vio

05 Feb 2020

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“I’m telling my own story my own way.” ⠀ ⠀ @katelyn_ohashi, UCLA NCAA Gymnastics Champion, poet and activist, is gearing up to run half marathon, LA 13.1. As she embarks on an exciting new phase of life post-undergrad and post-retirement, Katelyn shows that when we believe we are capable, we have the power to redefine our narratives.

03 Feb 2020

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“The best part about swimming is…everything is the best part!” — Arinna Erin Wira, inclusive fashion advocate. ⠀ The new Victory Swim Collection is here — full-coverage, lightweight pieces for anyone who loves the water like @arinna.erin.

01 Feb 2020