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Our team is working on a very special production, with an artist who uses ecstasy as his main medium. This is an approach we didn’t know existed until we met Chemical X . An artist from the UK who remains anonymous to the public, @chemical_x_lab has worked with the likes of Banksy, Schoony, and a number of other highly-esteemed artists.
Exploring the process of how his work is made was a very interesting experience. Each pill is hand-pressed by the artist himself in a undisclosed lab; afterwards, he utilizes these pills to create magnificent designs based around the culture of ecstasy and raves. These two concepts go hand-in-hand, as he feels the energy and positivity that you experience at a rave can be replicated through a visual narrative. His art reflects rave culture in a nuanced manner, showing the beauty and - at times - the gamble one may take when using drugs at a rave. As much as the pills and music can be blissful, they can also be dangerous; one can take a pill and feel as free as a bird, but one may also risk taking something unexpected and having a horrible, even deadly, experience.

Chemical X uses both these aspects as focal points in his work, creating ironic images that represent the dual sides of rave culture. By actually including an illegal substance in the work, he confronts us more directly with the conflicts he is addressing, making us question ourselves and wonder if this medium is dangerous or a benign pathway to a blissful experience.

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13 Dec 2019