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Artist Spotlight: Shepard Fairey/Obey ( @obeygiant )
Growing up as a street artist in Los Angeles, Fairey understood the importance of branding and creating a campaign that is immediately recognizable. Using minimalistic portraits of artists, philanthropists, politicians, and other iconic figures, he reached a vast majority of people, from those who have seen his work on the front of abandoned billboards to those who have seen that same work in galleries in all over the world. He primarily uses stickers and wheat pastes as a medium for sharing his vision and values, merging pop art and street art to confront viewers with extensions of their own culture. While he originally became famous for his Andre the Giant wheat pastes, he quickly gained worldwide notoriety for making the popular Barack Obama campaign logo, which was used to represent the president during his 2008 run for office. Fairey has continued to grow his reach exponentially - he currently holds gallery shows selling his mixed-media pieces for upwards of $50,000. In addition to his gallery work, he paints large-scale murals, reaching the size of entire walls. He continues to grow and grow as an artist, both inside and outside of the gallery. This is a true example of how pre-fame work ethic and dedication set a foundation for great success.
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15 Jan 2020