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21 Mar 2020

2,655,776 Likes17174 Comments

My “why” has continued to evolve over the years — like many of us, I’m sure.
Thru my teens and early 20’s, my “why” was me working my ass off, because I didn’t want to be broke.
I was tired of living that “$7 bucks” life.
Then, my “why” became my passion.
Then my “why” became my babies.
Now, my “why” is my family and working my ass off to build my legacy.
In the end, our legacy is the thing that we all leave behind.
Thank you guys for the amazing questions.
Good to stay connected and positive with ya around the world during these tough times.
Stay healthy. Stay disciplined. We’ll get thru this, together.

21 Mar 2020

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    The only dude getting swoler in quaratine lol

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    Money!??? :)

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    Go rock

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    Very well said Family means everything

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    #SDV gg

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    You are remarkable 👏💪💪💪❤️❤️

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    Like my pics

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  • @amirreza1999tg

    You are unbelievable and amazing character. In real life even better. Life goes real hard for lots of us, I have a hug passion for gym and fitness ive been doin it for a year but once u have a physical issue it makes u burst in tears. Once u have hard time making money because u are student and also try to get ur proper meal its though. Plus having Ehler danlos syndrome as well as fibromyalgia it make u cry as they never end lots of time gotta sleep with pain for weeks because of training feeling sharp pain and numbness all over ur body, its though but ill get through it. Rock u motivate me and I genuinely appreciate ur help ❤️💪💪💪❤️

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    Can you please send me sample of your own tequila 😂help a stay at home mama of a 5 yrs old 👦🏻 need some stress relief 🤦🏻‍♀️😭😬☺️🤗

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