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I’m not doing that well. I can tell, because DOING is a struggle. DOING is a little too much for me. So I’m remembering that that’s okay. That I don’t have to DO, not all the time. That right now, maybe the best thing to DO Is just to BE.

02 Apr 2020

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My anxiety hit the roof last week. This week it feels halfway to the moon.

31 Mar 2020

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Happy... whatever day of the week this is

30 Mar 2020

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This pandemic has brought out the good in so many people, and showed us who the true helpers in our society are, in so many ways. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions about the groups I neglected to include in my last post (police, firefighters, and first responders especially; I knew I was forgetting some essential workers but I was very remiss in not including you!) and to everyone who might not be included by name here, but who is working to keep the world as productive, safe, and positive a place as possible right now. You are appreciated! 💐

27 Mar 2020

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26 Mar 2020

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I found this in my nine-year-old daughter’s room today while I was helping her with her schoolwork. I made it three years ago and it’s always been her favorite, probably because it is hilarious when you are a child and your mother draws a picture with poop in it, but it caught my eye today. I held it up and she said, “I guess we’re really on the poop side of things right now, aren’t we?” We are, my dear, we are. But maybe rainbows are around the corner. 🌈

25 Mar 2020

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Root deep. Hold tight. Things will change.

24 Mar 2020

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Painting this helped me feel a little better. I hope reading it helps you. 🌼

23 Mar 2020

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Therapy Thursday: I’ve been doing okay all week, but today has been a tremendous struggle for me. My anxiety is suddenly spinning out of control and it’s not responding to any of my usual techniques to calm it down. I have a (virtual!) therapy session tomorrow, and I am looking so forward to dumping the contents of my brain out to my therapist… but I’m also thinking a lot about how challenging a time this is for so many people’s mental health, and how we are all particularly limited in the tools we can use to help ourselves right now.⁣ ⁣ Here are a few that have worked for me… I’d love to hear yours, too. Leave a comment with something that’s helping you stay balanced in uncertain times, or email me your story about caring for your mental health during social/physical distancing at I’d love for us to encourage each other by sharing our therapy and mental health struggles as we cope with the pandemic.

19 Mar 2020

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An incomplete list. Thank you to every everyday hero who is doing their part right now.

17 Mar 2020

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For a dear friend of mine who is going through a difficult time 2500 miles away and whom I just wish I could hug. And, if you’re going through a difficult time right now as so overwhelmingly many of us are, for you too. Sending love and encouragement from afar, like sunlight on your face.

16 Mar 2020

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As eerie and strange as it feels to be hunkering down in my house, watching society shut its doors and lock itself down around me, there is some part of me that feels warm and affectionate and so very proud of my fellow human beings. Social distancing isn’t easy, but seeing us all band together to become a whole greater than the sum of its parts gives me some needed light and hope.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Stay safe. Wash your hands. Don’t hoard toilet paper. Take care of each other. 💕

15 Mar 2020

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An anxious meditation on an anxious world from an anxious person.

12 Mar 2020

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There are gems in there if you know where to look.

27 Feb 2020

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Experimenting lately with resting in the unknown: being easy with it, accepting it, instead of trying to force answers that aren’t ready to come yet. Bonus rainbow from my favorite suncatcher ✨🌈

25 Feb 2020