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You guys..this SOUP! It's so dang good and uses *mostly* pantry staples. If you have lentils, coconut milk, curry paste, and some veggies, you're good to go! 💃🏻Even if you don't have the curry paste, you could swap it with curry powder for an Indian style soup 😍and what I love most about this soup is you can use WHATEVER veggies you have on hand! Here are some of my faves: - potatoes (any kind) - broccoli - cauliflower - eggplant - peppers - carrots - green beans And they can be fresh or frozen! If you've been craving something comforting during this crazy time of quarantine, this soup will do the trick! It's so cozy, it's easy to make and it's super-duper flavorful too 😏😎 (search green curry on the blog!) –

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you guys have been loving our PB&J oatmeal these last few weeks!! 👏🏻 And I don’t blame you — it’s one of my fave flavor combos and it makes an amazing brekkie 🙌🏻😍 swipe to see some photos! What else have you been making!? Let me know in the comments! And if you wanna make this recipe, I’ve linked it in my bio 👆🏻 And thanks to: @jenleduc1670 @madeforalma @mightbeobsessedwithfood For sharing your delicious pics!! 😘😋 —

06 Apr 2020

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nothing cozier than mac n’ cheese 😍 and guess what I figured out!? It’s actually a cinch to make #glutenfree and vegan! This recipe uses truffle salt and truffle oil to give it a little extra 💥 but you could totally leave that out if you don’t have it! This mac and cheese is super creamy, has a crunchy topping and makes amazing leftovers. We had this last week and I’d sneak bites throughout the day and it was just 🙌🏻💯😋 Whatcha been whipping up this weekend!? Let me know in the comments! (recipe link in bio) —

04 Apr 2020

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if you’re a granola lover like me, but are short on supplies, I’ve got you covered with this NEW recipe 👏🏻😘 my Simple Honey Granola only uses 6 ingredients and is customizable based on what you have on hand! Here’s what you’ll need: - oats - nuts - cinnamon (optional) - sea salt - honey - coconut oil (or oil of choice) ...and that’s all!! This granola is crunch, it’s sweet, it’ll keep for at least 2 weeks and it’s soooo darn good 😋💯 if you need a baking project, this might be it! (recipe link in bio) —⁠⠀

03 Apr 2020

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just made a version of these quinoa bowls for dinner and they were 🙌🏻 we did a bunch more veggies, but kept the base the same and the egg on top! Honestly, the egg totally makes it 😋👌🏻 We’re running short on veggies in our house, so we’re trying to get creative!! What are some of your fave ways you’re using veggies right now? 🥰 (recipe link in bio) —

02 Apr 2020

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fancy a baking project today? This Yeast Free Bread is gluten-free and has the absolute perfect texture 🙌🏻 it also doesn’t require any rising which means the bread eating commenced soon 😏😝 This recipe makes awesome sandwich bread and it roasts up beautifully! Here I have it with some vegan cream cheese and homemade chia jam 👌🏻💯 (recipe link in bio) —⁠⁠ —⁠

01 Apr 2020

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new breakfast inspo 😋 Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal!! This recipe is brand new today and holy YUMM! 🥕🐰 It could t be easier to make, has tons of flavor and we’ve been loving it for the last 4+ days 💯 legit feels like I’m starting my day with dessert! This recipe is also: - gluten-free - vegan - naturally sweetened - packed with fiber ... and so so good! 🥰👏🏻 (recipe link in bio) —

31 Mar 2020

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I've been working from home for 7+ years and I've put together a video that shares some of my best tips! I know many of you are also now working from home, so if you're struggling with: - staying productive - staying focused - getting sh*t done - not getting bogged down with chores ...and more THEN I hope this video will help you! Let me know what tips resonate with you and if you have any specific tips that have been working for you, let me know! 🆕post is on the "working from home" to get the link!

30 Mar 2020

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we’re wafflin’ on Sunday! 🧇 one of my family’s traditions is waffles on Sunday’s and we do our best to keep it going! Up today: banana quinoa waffles 🥰 My favorite part of waffle making, aside from mixing in the egg whites, are the toppings!! Toppings are always the most fun, right!? 💯 Here’s my combo: - coconut yogurt - sliced banana - chopped walnuts - chia seeds - maple syrup Absolute perfection!! What are you brunching on today? Let me know in the comments! 😋 (recipe link in bio) —

29 Mar 2020

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got any frozen blueberries on hand? You would LOVE this Banana Blueberry Crisp 😍 it’s got a crunchy oat topping, is gluten-free and vegan, AND it’s healthy enough for breakfast!! Crisps are one of my fave desserts to make and eat 😋 I love the combo of crunchy topping with soft fruit! Topped with some vanilla ice cream for dessert — yogurt for breakfast — and I’m in serious heaven 🙌🏻 If you’re needing a sweet treat, this is it 😘 (recipe link in bio) —

28 Mar 2020

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who’s baking this weekend!? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m planning to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and on my list are these AMAZING chocolate chip cookies! They’re: - soft - chewy - gluten-free - vegan - refined sugar-free And honestly so freaking good! Like maybe even the best I’ve ever tasted 👏🏻😋👌🏻 What are you baking this weekend!? Let me know in the comments! (recipe link in bio) —

27 Mar 2020

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I always love having veggie burgers on hand in my freezer for quick lunches and dinners. Since most of the stores are out these days, I figured I'd make a batch of my own! These are my CHIPOTLE Butternut Squash & White Bean Burgers and they are so so good 😍they've got the perfect texture, are baked and not pan fried and freeze super well! Are you a veggie burger fan? Trying to come up with new flavors, so let me know what you think we should make next in the comments 😏 (recipe link in bio) –

26 Mar 2020

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25 Mar 2020

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all you need are simple ingredients 👌🏻 nothing fancy and still something super yummy! Here’s what we’ve got today: - chia pudding - granola - sauteed apples - yogurt (I use coconut) And that’s it! I think so often we get wrapped up in feeling like we always have to eat a certain way. Well I’m here to tell you, YOU DON’T 😘 This breakfast parfait is really easy to make, it uses things you probably already have on hand AND it tastes amazing 😉 What have you been making lately!? Let me know in the comments! (recipe link in bio) —⁠⠀

25 Mar 2020

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one of my fave pantry staples: QUINOA! I’m a big fan of @bobsredmill — they’re quinoa is fluffy and not bitter at all 🙌🏻😍 #ad Cooked quinoa is so versatile and can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One meal I’ve been loving? Quinoa bowls!! 💯 They’re perfect for lunch and can be full of basically whatever you have on hand 😋 here’s one of my current faves: MEDITERRANEAN QUINOA BOWL:⁠⠀ 1 cup cooked quinoa⁠⠀ 1/2 cup canned chickpeas⁠⠀ 1/4 cup chopped cucumber⁠⠀ 1/4 cup chopped cherry tomatoes⁠⠀ 1/4 cup chopped olives⁠⠀ 1/4 cup chopped parsley⁠⠀ Tahini dressing to finish⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Add all the ingredients into your bowl. Top with the tahini dressing and stir together. Feel free to finish with a little more fresh parsley if you'd like!⁠ If you want even more ideas, check out the link in my bio 👆🏻 it’s got 5 other quinoa bowls! —⁠⠀

23 Mar 2020