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It’s official….WE ADOPTED A PUUUUPPY 🐶. Raise your paws and welcome the newest and furriest member of the So Vegan family, Bento. We adopted him 2 weeks ago and we practically fell in love with him the moment we met him 🥰. We’re seriously struggling to cope right now because the cuteness is UNBEARABLE. He has such an amazing personality. Inquisitive, playful, thoughtful, he’s a bundle of joy. So a bit about Bento. His mum Bonny is an ex-breeding dog who spent her life in a puppy farm in Ireland. When she was no longer required for breeding, she was rescued by the incred people at @manytearsrescue who discovered she was pregnant. We’ll share plenty of Bento updates in the future (obvs), but for now we want to use this post to raise awareness about an important topic, and something we’ve only recently learned more about. We’d never heard of puppy farms until we started looking into adoption and the truth is…shocking. Dogs are used as breeding machines to produce litters which are taken away from their mothers at just a few weeks old. The puppies are literally bred for profit with almost no regard for their welfare. They are kept in terrible conditions, increasing their chances of health and behavioural issues, and the puppies are then sold to unsuspected owners via ‘breeders’. Here are just a few reasons to adopt: 1️⃣ In Britain alone, around 800k puppies are bought each year and approx. 400k of these are bought, unsuspectedly, from puppy farms. If you adopt a dog you will be helping put a stop to puppy farms. 2️⃣Adoption fees are less expensive than buying a puppy from a breeder and the fee will help the shelter to continue doing amazing work 3️⃣ Know that you‘re giving a dog a 2nd chance at a happy life 4️⃣You could adopt an older dog that has been trained We feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to rehome such a loving puppy in Bento. Please go and give @manytearsrescue 🙌 a follow and support them for taking in so many dogs. Big puppy love! Roxy, Ben & Bento ❤️

23 Jan 2020

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Can we all just take a second to let this sink in? An epic, double-decker, goooourmet, plant-powered Filet-Faux-Fish with homemade tartare sauce 😮. Omg. We’re actually struggling to contain our excitement about this one. When our friends over at @royaldoulton asked us to develop a recipe for their new ‘Pacific Mint’ tableware collection (which takes its inspiration from the sea 🌊) we only had one thing in mind, obviously. We marinade our tofu using some super easy-to-find ingredients to give it that classic taste of the sea, and we cover the filet in cornflakes for that EXTRA crispy coating. Yaaas 🔥 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🙌 . We’ve been teaming up with Royal Doulton throughout Veganuary to create some delicious recipes for you guys. If y’all didn’t know, Royal Doulton started as a small pottery company in 1815 on the banks of the River Thames and still to this day embrace the urban life and culture of the city we call home...London! They make absolutely gorgeous tableware and their latest range Pacific Mint is out now ✌️ . Biiiiig love as always! Roxy & Ben 💚

18 Jan 2020

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Suuuuup. We’ve been hiding under a rock recently working on summin VERY SPECIAL 🔥. It’s actually slightly infuriating that we can’t share any details about it with you yet...but news will be dropping sooooooon. Oh, also we adopted an adorable rescue pup which you could say has been a teeny tiny bit of a distraction ☺️. Anywhoos, we thought we’d share with you our EASY VEGAN BURGER, which we posted back when the weather was a lot warmer. But who said burgers are only for the summer??? NOT US. We eat them all year round, especially when they’re as easy and delicious as this one. We use brown rice and mushrooms for a healthy twist, and we pack it out with tons of tangy flavours to give it that YUUUUUUM, if you get what we mean? ✌🏻🙃 . Full recipe link is in our bio! 🌿 . Big love! And keep your eye out for some brand new recipes dropping pronto, Roxy & Ben ❤️

15 Jan 2020

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Have you ever tried to make your very own HOMEMADE GNOCCHI? Trust us, it’s a lot easier than you might think! These wonderful little dumplings are a total joy. Pair them with your favourite veggies and sauces to make a super filling and delicious meal, or just add a dollop of pesto to keep things eaaaaasy. Head over to the link in our bio to find out how to make our ROCKET PESTO GNOCCHI. Peppery, herby, zesty...there are plenty of words we could use to describe this delightful recipe. You need to try it to believe it 😉 . Full recipe link is in our bio ✌🏽✌🏻 . Big love, Roxy & Ben 💚

06 Jan 2020

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Let’s talk about...Veganuary 🙌 #ad. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking of giving it a go? If so, serious props to you. Or maybe you’re already part of the vegan crew and - like us - know people who are thinking of taking part this year...and they just need some convincing? Well don’t fret. We’ve got you! ✌🏻✌🏽 . Here are the facts. This is what just ONE PERSON will save if they decide to go vegan for just ONE MONTH (prepare to have your miiiiinds blown) 🔥 . 1️⃣ Nearly 125,000 litres of water 💧 2️⃣ 84 square metres of forest 🌳 3️⃣ Almost 550kg of grain 🌾 4️⃣ Approximately 275kg of CO2 👄 5️⃣ As many as 30 animals 🐄 . Pretty impressive stats! So if you know anyone who needs convincing, tag ‘em in the comments. And to everyone else, show them some vegan-friendly love and support 💚 . Also this Veganuary is a special one for us because we’re teaming up with our friends over at @royaldoulton. We’ll be creating a couple of tantalisingly tasty vegan recipes featuring their new ‘Pacific Mint’ range of tableware - in fact, if you missed it, you can check out the first recipe for 🔥 EASY CHICKPEA CURRY 🔥 which is on our website right now (check out the link in our bio) 🌿 . The guys over at Royal Doulton started as a small pottery firm back in 1815 on the banks of the River Thames, and still to this day embrace the urban life and culture of the city we call home...London 😊 . Big love to everyone, especially any of y’all taking part in Veganuary this year. You’ve got this! Roxy & Ben ❤️

29 Dec 2019

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Who’s gearing up for Veganuary this year??? There’s always a HUGE buzz in January and it sounds like this is going to be the biggest Veganuary yet. Yaaaaaaaas. We often get asked to suggest tips for folks who are new to vegan food, and often we tell people...Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep! It legit makes things sooooo much easier. You’ll also find our Moroccan-inspired Meal Prep and Protein-Packed Tofu Meal Prep recipes on our website if these tickle your fancy. Orrrr - give this one a go, our SPICY THAI NOODLES MEAL PREP using a mason jar. Outrageously easy and ridiculously tasty. We shared this a while back and we’ve seen loads of you guys recreate this at home 🙌 . Question: What’s your favourite meal-prep recipe? And do you want to see more of these recipes in 2020? Lettuce know! 🥬 . Full recipe link for this is in our bio 🌿 . Big love, Roxy & Ben ❤️

28 Dec 2019

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Happy (*belated*) Crimbo! Without trying to sound like a pair of right old scroogy-poos 😜, this was probably the least festive Xmas we’ve ever had. We didn’t even buy each other a present, ha. But tbf this time of the year is all about relaxing with the our loved ones, watching crappy TV and devouring enormous plates of food. Amiright? Also, we just want to take a wee second to give a ginormous shout out to everyone who tucked into some So Vegan recipes on the big day! We saw wellingtons, nutella snowflakes, roasties, Yule logs and loads more. We genuinely can’t quite believe it when we see so many of you around the world tagging us in your photos. Big love to all of you wonderful people. 2020 is going to be our biggest year yet so keep your eyes peeled. Sending love as always, Roxy & Ben ❤️

27 Dec 2019

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EASY CHICKPEA CURRY 🌶 #ad. Forget about Christmas for just one second people! Veganuary is now only a couple of weeks away (waaaat?) and it’s set to be the biggest yet. We’re also joining forces with our friends at @royaldoulton to create a couple of totally deeeeeevine vegan recipes to help you through the month. First up is this outrageously easy chickpea curry 🍛. You’ll know by now that we’re allll about making things easy. So instead of using a long list of spices, we stick to curry powder and garam masala, which bring a wonderful warmth to the dish 🔥 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🌿 . Royal Doulton, if y’all didn’t know, started as a small pottery in 1815 on the banks of the River Thames and still to this day embrace the urban life and culture of the city we call home...London! They make absolutely gorgeous tableware and their latest range Pacific Mint takes its inspiration from the sea 🌊 . Big love! Roxy & Ben 💚

19 Dec 2019

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We’re hearing a lot of Christmas dinner chat ATM. Is it gonna be a wellington or a nut roast? Brussels sprouts or no Brussels sprouts? (Brussels sprouts, obvs). But we’re all forgetting one VERY VERY important question. What are you treating yourself to for Christmas breakfast? Or technically...Christmas brunch, because unless you believe in Santa Claus nobody gets out of bed before 11am on the big day, amiright? 😜 . Well if you haven’t answered this all important question, don’t fret pets. Try these GOLDEN HASH BROWNS on for size. Crispy and cheezy hash browns, paired with a healthy dollop of vegan mayo. You can even prepare them the day before. Win 🌿 . Full recipe link is in our bio 👉🏽 . BTW do you follow us on YouTube? You’ll find exclusive VLOGs and recipes so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. Follow the link in our bio to get you there 😊 . Big festive love! Roxy & Ben ❤️

18 Dec 2019

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Confession: we’ve done zero preparations for Christmas this year 😧. Literally nada! But we’re now basically a week away from Father Christmas 🎅🤶 gliding down our chimneys (seriously though, what happens if you don’t have a chimney?) so it’s about time we got in the festive moooooood. Here are 3 of our favourite and totally showstopping Christmas party recipes. Stepping up first we’ve got the rich and indulgent MINCE PIE BROWNIES. These things ooooze Christmas spirit. Then we’ve got our HOMEMADE NUTELLA SNOWFLAKE, which looks like something out of winter wonderland and is absolutely deeeelicious. Finally - last but by no means least - it’s our GARLIC BREAD CHRISTMAS TREE. Garlic? Christmas tree? You need to see it to believe it. These sharer recipes are a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you this Christmas 😉 . Full recipe links for these recipes are in our bio 👉 . BTW do you follow us on YouTube? You’ll find exclusive VLOGs and recipes so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. Follow the link in our bio to get you there 🔥 . Ho ho ho! Merry Xmas! Roxy & Ben 💚

17 Dec 2019

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Peeps we have another very serious question: How many of these BAKED JAMMY DOUGHNUTS is it acceptable to eat all by yourself? Hint: it’s more than 7 😂 . Full recipe link for these little treats is in our bio ✌🏻✌🏽 . BTW do you follow us on YouTube? You’ll find exclusive VLOGs and recipes so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. Follow the link in our bio to get you there 🔥 . Big love! Roxy & Ben ❤️

09 Dec 2019

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OK, so this might be a controversial opinion: Soup is officially the GREATEST of all winter foods 😋. Better than pies, hotpots and even puddings? Yeah we went there. Who agrees? 🙌 . This is our recent Roast Carrot & Coriander soup. Charmingly simple and wonderfully warming, it has everything you want from a winter recipe. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried it! 🌿 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🌿 . Big love! Roxy & Ben ❤️

08 Dec 2019

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The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun! Well for some keen beans out there it probably started months ago, but for us we've just started getting into the ol' Crimbo spirit. And the one thing on our mind glorious food! That's what Christmas is all about, right? Good times 🎊, good people 👫 and good food🍽. Oh, and also putting on a few pounds but hey you only live once 😜. And if you're looking for a Christmas dinner table centrepiece, you're in the right place. This Butternut Squash wellington is a winner in every sense of the world. It's impressive, it's utterly delicious, and it's also pretty straightforward if we say so ourselves 😉 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🔥 . BTW do you follow us on YouTube? You’ll find exclusive VLOGs and recipes so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. Follow the link in our bio to get you there 🙌 . Big love! Roxy & Ben ❤️

05 Dec 2019

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How is Xmas now only 3 WEEKS AWAY 😬. It actually feels like only yesterday we were enjoying the sunshine and warm weather! Eeeek. Anywhoos. So today we were chatting about what we might want to get each other for Christmas and it dawned on we actually need more “stuff”? We’ve made a conscious effort this year to giveaway and clean out loads of bits and bobs lying around the flat, so tbh it now feels weird adding things back into our lives that are probably unnecessary. Maybe a mini-break or some type of experience would be a better idea? 🤔 . Do you have any sustainable Xmas gift ideas? We’d love to know 😘 . Oh also we picked up a couple of new bits on @depop! Ben has a new green bomber jacket and Roxy is reppin her amazing Teddy coat! Big festive love, Roxy & Ben ❤️

04 Dec 2019

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Team Brussels Sprouts please stand up 🙌. We've never really understood why these wonderful little balls of goodness get such a bad rep. They are basically the most important part of a 🎄 Christmas 🎄 dinner feast. More important than Yorkshire puddings? Yeah we went there. Don't hate us 😜 . Buuuuut, we get that some people aren't fans. So if you're looking for a cheeky way to hide the humble Brussels Sprouts, definitely give these 5-ingredient Brussels Sprouts Tater Tots a go. They're outrageously simple, they're nutritious and they're super delicious. We first shared this recipe last year and they went down a storm 🔥 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🌿 . Oh, and did you know that you can now pre-order our debut cookbook So Vegan In 5 in the US? The US 🇺🇸 release date is finally here: get 14 Jan in your diary and pre-order today to get your copy! . Big love, Roxy & Ben 💚

04 Dec 2019

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Who knew vegan cheese like this even existed?!?!? Oh how times have changed. Years ago we didn’t even know vegan cheese existed. Nowadays we’re stuffing our faces with literally the wackiest and most delicious artisanal cheese we’ve ever had in our lives...and it’s all entirely VEGAN 🌿 . And what with 🤶 Xmas 🎅 now only a few weeks away, we thought we’d film the most epic vegan cheese tasting video of alllllll time. We’re talking stinky blue cheese, camembert, black truffle cheese and more. Oh, and not a single animal was harmed in the making of this video. Winnnnn 🔥 . Shout out to all the incredible artisan vegan cheese makers out there, including @iamnutok, @honestly.tasty, @kindaco and @strictlyrootsvegan who are featured in this video. Head over to their IG pages for more details on all their incredible cheese. . Now don’t mind us while we recover from our vegan cheese coma. Big love! Roxy & Ben ❤️

01 Dec 2019

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Peeps we have some SERIOUSLY TASTY news. Our debut cookbook So Vegan In 5 📖 is now officially global! Not only can you now find our cookbook in Germany 🇩🇪 and The Netherlands 🇳🇱 (biggups to our European neighbours)...but you can also pre-order from the United States 🇺🇸 (shout out to all of our amigos across the pond!) 😘 🌍 . The US version will be officially out on January 14, 2020 and we’ve included a link in our bio where you can pre-order the book ✌🏻✌🏽 . It has legit been a rollercoaster year and we can’t emphasise enough just how much we appreciate all the support from you lot. We’ve had the highest highs and the lowest lows, and running our baby So Vegan can be super stressful at times. But hearing feedback from everyone and seeing you recreate our recipes genuinely makes it all worth it. It’s our mission to make it EASY for people all over the world to cook delicious vegan food so people, planet and animals can thrive. We’re always thinking how can we make vegan food inexpensive, accessible and not just for the privileged few! So this news feels particularly special 👊 . Oh, and watch out because we have EVEN BIGGER things dropping early next year, aiiiiiight 🔥 . Big love to all the peoples, Roxy & Ben ❤️

29 Nov 2019

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Omg this lasagne has so much rustic charm it’s unreal. If you’re a fan of our rich ragu pasta from our cookbook, then you’re going to love this lasagne. We take things to the next level with extra richness, extra creaminess and extra flavaaaa. It’s basically just EXTRA in every way. This is also a very ‘meaty’ lasagne. Or at least as meaty as you’ll get while still being vegan! Our secret ingredient is miso paste, which delivers all of that incredible umami flavour. It’s available in most supermarkets, but if you can’t find miso paste you can sub for soy sauce 👌 . It’s the perfect meal if you’re cooking for a family or entertaining friends! Full recipe link is in our bio 🔥 . We’ve also joined forces once again with @flora to bring this epiiiiic recipe to you guys. The Flora Buttery works wonders in the béchamel, bringing an extra ‘butteriness’ to the sauce. In case you didn’t know, Flora’s entire range is now 100% plant-based! #floraplantgoodness 🌿 . Big lurv! Roxy & Ben ❤️

28 Nov 2019

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ROAST CARROT & CORIANDER SOUP 🥕. Oh. My. Goodness. This winter-warming soup is seriously giving us the feels right now. The temperature here in London has really dropped ⬇️ over the past couple of weeks but…as much as we enjoy complaining about the colder months (soz 😞), nothing shouts winter warmer louder than a bowl of delicious soup. Yaaas. So step right up our roast carrot and coriander bowl of delishhhhhusness. It’s a flavour combination that goes back in time (waaaaaay back, so we’re told) and we also add ginger for that wonderful warmth and tang, as well as chilli flakes for a little heeeeat. Then we top our soup with a swirl of vegan single cream, a sprinkling of crispy onions (available at most supermarkets) and fresh coriander. Enjoy! 🌿 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🔥 . BTW do you follow us on YouTube? You’ll find exclusive VLOGs and recipes so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. Follow the link in our bio to get you there 🙌 . Big love! Roxy & Ben ❤️

20 Nov 2019

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VIETNAMESE-INSPIRED FRIES 🍟. OK so we’re pretty sure everyone agrees the humble potato is by far the GREATEST invention of all time, right? It doesn’t matter whether it’s fried, mashed…or baked in spices and topped with herbs, peanuts and sriracha like we do here (yum!) - it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most satisfying foods to eat evveeeer. These Vietnamese-Inspired Fries will take your potato game to the next level. They’re super simple and a totally delicious snack 😍 . Full recipe link is in our bio 🤟 . BTW do you follow us on YouTube? You’ll find exclusive VLOGs and recipes so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. Follow the link in our bio to get you there ✌🏽✌🏻 . Happy Monday! Roxy & Ben ❤️

18 Nov 2019