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❗️Breaking News❗️”Stop Playin” video out TOMORROW 🎉 This will be a video album so be sure to tune in so you don’t miss any parts!!! Shout out @jazzepha for playing a special guest role 🤣 Be sure to watch for more surprises!!! @thaslaygang let’s turn up!!!! #freshrebelmuzik

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New single “Stop Playin” out RIGHT NOW on ALL digital platforms❗️Go check it out for your girl and spread the word!!! Video dropping earlier than Friday so be on the look out!!! @thaslaygang #freshbornunicorn #freshrebelmuzik #stopplayin

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I’m so happy to announce that the official video for “Stop Playin” will drip THIS Friday!!! Can’t wait for y’all to see it! I want to thank @meggamez for Directing and bringing this short film to life...I want to thank @hermc3 for teaching us all the best dance moves for any type of performance we have...shout out @dance411 for helping pull this together and last but not least I’d like to thank my Dad @aciehigh44! From the wardrobe to the hairstyles to the music you help in absolutely everything that’s needed for me and @thaslaygang to be the very best that we can be!!! I 💗 U! Hope y’all are ready for all of the new releases because we def did not come to PLAY!!! #freshrebelmuzik

30 Mar 2020

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Me and @thaslaygang are having so much fun in the studio!!! Sisters” and “Stop Playin” out on all digital platforms RIGHT NOW❗️Go run those streams up fro ya girl 🎶...#freshbornunicorn

28 Mar 2020

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Hey y’all my new singles “stop playing” and “that’s my sister” is out now on all digital platforms y’all go stream it all dayyyy!! and post videos of you listening to it and i’ll repost you! toodles and pink poodles

28 Mar 2020

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#thatsmysisterchallenge# The song is finally out #LINKINBIO...If you want to be in the OFFICIAL VIDEO learn the dance and post!!! Tag #sisterchallenge and the best 5 will Premier with me and @theslaygang on NATIONAL TV!!! #thaslaygang #sisters #freshrebelsmuzik #thatsmysister

28 Mar 2020

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#FLASHBACKFRIDAY drop some emojis if you think this is bars!!! #freshbornunicorn🦄

27 Mar 2020

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🎈 ITS A PARTY 🎉 Everyone go to and get all your party supplies for your special occasion!!! And be sure to follow @lyricslipglossbylaylay for all new updates on new merchandise!!! #lyricsbylaylay

27 Mar 2020

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❗️NEW SINGLES Stop Playin” & Sisters dropping THIS Friday❗️WE LIT all weekend!!! Get ready for some new @thaslaygang #dancechallenges

26 Mar 2020

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My girl North and I turning up to supersizzeee!!!!!🔥🔥

22 Mar 2020

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Thank you @theatlantavoice for a great interview. Check it out as I discuss music, tour, merch, young entrepreneurship & a look into what’s next! Interviewer: 🎤@aniyahsimsmodels BTS: 🎬@alexanderaperture Videographer: 🎥@torrencestudios Studio: @kissworksstudios #lyricslipgloss #lyricslipglossbylaylay #lipglossboss #lipgloss #laylaygloss #Laylaylipgloss #thatgirllaylay #LayLay #beauty #cosmetics #shimmer #gloss #glossy #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneur #girl #girls #women #brand #branding #marketing #thankyou #atlanta #interview

21 Mar 2020

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🦄🦄 Hold on to you tix #WeStillLIT#ATWLU2020#Repost@freshrebellive SPRING FEST 2020 UPDATE | HOLD YOUR TIX 🎫 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In response to the ongoing COVID-19 health concerns, the 2020 ATWLU SPRINGFEST 2020 presented by Fresh Rebel Live & Fresh Rebel Musik will not occur this April and May as scheduled. The health and safety of our community are paramount.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The ATWLU 2020 Fest will now take place in the SUMMER! We will announce dates and additional details soon, so stay tuned. Hold on to your tickets because all purchases for the original dates will be honored for the new dates.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ We urge everyone to follow the guidelines and protocols put forth by public health officials. Thank you for your support and patience. We look forward to seeing everyone this summer!

20 Mar 2020

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Hey y’all!!!! Happy Friday Stay safe!😂❤️ @imarkkeyz @iamcardib follow me on tiktok: litgirllay

20 Mar 2020

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Thanks @bet for the love and support!!! @aciehigh44 told you they would post we LIT!!! #freshrebelmuzik

19 Mar 2020

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Got a BUNCH of new music coming and this is one of the new and my sisters @thaslaygang are about to drop our debut album called “Recess is Over” stay on the look out! Toddles and Pink Poodles...#thatsmysisterchallenge# REPOST THIS DANCE and the best 5 will be in the VIDEO in two weeks in ATLANTA!!! #lilbigdripper #princessslaya #cheatcodelaylay #freshbornunicorn #freshrebelmuzik #freshrebellive 🔊 by @chazguapo

19 Mar 2020