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#PressPlay: #TSRTunez#Usher, #LilJon and #Ludacris did it again for y’all, #Roomies! Ush & Jon took to IG live to preview their new track #SexBeat, and Mr. Raymond was hitting them moves too 👀👀 (SWIPE)

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#TSRUpdatez: It looks like #QueenNaija has located her son CJ, and he is thankfully safe and sound! She also gives an explanation as to what led to her making her original IG post! (SWIPE)

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#TSRCutTheFoolery: Y’all can’t be doing your girls like this 😩😭 #OpenOutside #WeHadEnough #LoveIsBlind

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#Roommates, #ChrisSails was arrested today on aggravated assault charges, and is being held on $15,000 bail! #QueenNaija posted and deleted a concerning message in her instagram story, saying she is searching for their son CJ, and is unsure of whose custody he is in. We will keep you updated as the story develops, #Roomies! (Via: @theshaderoomteens)

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#WhatIAskedForVsWhatIGot: We applaud everybody out there trying to make the best of these quarantine birthdays! One of our #Roommates sent us this cake she made for her baby’s 1st birthday and chileeee, its a whole kii! 🤣 Y’all go ahead & SWIPE 👀

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#PressPlay: #TSRClearTheAir — Well, #Roomies it looks like things are all good between #RavenSymone and #KielyWilliams now! Raven explains why she felt ostracized from the #CheetahGirls and Kiely talks about auditioning for the #CosbyShow back in the day! (SWIPE)

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#PressPlay: #TSRGenderRevealz—Well, this gender reveal was different! 😩 (📹: @mama.key)

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TSR Staff: La'Janeé @_lajanee_ _________________________________ #TarajiPHenson is not only glamming it for the ‘Gram, while quarantined, but she is also putting mental health at the forefront with her foundation, “The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation,” founded in 2018. _________________________________ On Instagram, Henson announced the “COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Support" Campaign, and in part stated, “This campaign is for underserved communities experiencing life changing events related to, or triggered by, the COVID-19 pandemic. She also added, “In the African-American community, we’ve been taught to tough it out, hide our suffering, but this is something none of us have ever experienced, and no one should suffer in silence.” _________________________________ The “Hidden Figures” actress kicked off the “COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Support”  Campaign, on Wednesday. The purpose of this initiative is to address the effects of unemployment, sudden loss, social distancing, as well as other issues related to the viral pandemic. ________________________________ Those who sign up—read more at ❤️ (📷:@gettyimages)

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#PressPlay: Why is #DojaCat like this? 😂

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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ _____________________________________ #TSRCoins: #Roommates, as many businesses are still closed, people are finding new ways to get these bills paid during the pandemic. And while some are getting crafty and creating face masks, it looks like others are turning to selling whatever they can on #OnlyFans. _____________________________________ According to @huffpost, OnlyFans has reported a 75% increase in new accounts since social distancing rules went into effect. We know what you're thinking--folks are getting naked for money, which is true for most users. But, the company says some people are using the platform to sell everything from artwork, workout routines and even cooking tutorials. _____________________________________ The Post caught up with Rae, a new mother living in Southern California, who says she in just one week, she has made about $1,000 through subscriptions and tips by selling topless photos on OnlyFans. She was furloughed last month after the gym she managed shut down due to the—click the link in our bio to read more!

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#AriFletcher has a message 👀

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#TSRThirstyThursdayz 💦: #Roommates, it’s Thursday and this week we’re bringing you some INTERNATIONAL quarantine snacks! ________________________________ There’s just something about a fine man with an accent, and this week we wanted to highlight all kinds of black men from all over the globe. We got some french flavors, Nigerian flavors, a little Dutch and some Jamaican! A little bit of errrrrrrthang! 🔥🔥 So shoot your shot ladies, they’re at home and waiting for you! _________________________________ Feel free to slide into those DMs, Roommates!! And let us know who you’d shoot your shot at?! 👀👀 👉🏽👉🏽(📸: @nicosuavea, @Moses.ldn, @ramiroyoshua, @montannaflo)

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Meg posted up while in her @FashionNova fit! #FashionNovaPartner

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#Roomies, Sis really thought steak came from a horse. She legit just realized it was beef. 😩🐎 🐄 (SWIPE) #IThoughtWeAllWere

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#PressPlay: #ChrisBrown’s account left a comment under this video on a Chris and #Karrueche fan page 👀

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